The Orange House

The Orange House


its MORE THAN A GOOD BAND, The Orange House means great sound, great live performance show, great music and attitud. Be part of this musical promise. hear them, its not too heavy, its not too ligth, its exactly what you are looking for.


The Orange House band began in 2002, when the two original members were in Toronto CA, when they decided to form a band. They went back to Mexico and history began.

The band was experiencing success but they had to leave the gigs and touring in order to work on improving the music and the sound. The original two members found a bassist and The Orange House became a better band. After a few member changes, the band found an original and professional sound. Many people who knew us when we first formed began to notice the professionalism and the positive changes in our sound and performances.

We were 6 guys till February 2010, when the first member died of cancer at the tender age of 23. The news of our friends passing and the resulting impact it made on the band was tumultuous, and at times we thought we couldn’t go on, but Rene’s spirit cheered us to become even more successful in memory of his dream of the Orange House. We rallied, we grieved, we practiced and we are now ready to rock you!

The Orange House Band has played to many people in this area including Mexican, American and English people, and everyone is looking forward to what we can offer them next on the horizon.

Our band has had the privilege of playing on regional television, performed and won many band competitions, performed festivals and local gigs. Lately, we have spent months preparing for our first professionally recorded cd entitled, “Home”. Our influences are varied, and we incorporate genres such as Rock, Jazz, Funk, Country, Blues, Pop and Punk. Perhaps this is what sets The Orange House apart, our ability to appeal to fans of all ages!

Our biggest influence are all over the map, from the classics such as ACDC, Nirvana, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Journey, Aerosmith, to more modern day bands as Mars Volta, 30 Seconds to M, Matchbox Twenty, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, BB King, and the Dave Matthews Band. The incorporation of influences such as these have developed a unique style that makes The Orange House one of a kind. With The Orange House you will get music that... well, you don’t have to be young to enjoy it, the foot tapping and singing along can be found in the very young to the very old. We call this THE ORANGE ROCK. Once you hear it, you’ll experience exactly why it is so difficult to describe, yet so very easy to feel.

Don’t just sit there, play some of the audio tracks on this site and enjoy! Let us hear from you, send us an email and tell us what you think!


Don´t forget my hands

Written By: Mike Martin/Rene Franco

I wonder to my self
Why did you go away from my life?
I believed that all was perfect
In every way, so..
I can’t understand you
I try to understand you
Why did you go away?
What did I do to deserve it ?

I just mean that today
I am unhappy at all my ways
Because I want you
Because I need you
I can’t forget you
Don’t forget my hands.

Please my girl
Give me one moment
Cause I want to feel
I don’t have nothing
When I am with you…
Its what i need from you

You were my life
And I remember
That i liked your smile
Maybe you think
I only want to cry but please
Don’t forget my hands.

Everyday I want to pray
For all the people
In the world like you
They know how to give and love
But they know how to hurt too

Leave me
I can’t forget you
You stop short
To any question
And come back
And tell me anything
What do you think about this situation

The Most Beautiful Star

Written By: Mike Martin

When I think I don’t have light in my life
I feel desperate and I feel I´m dying
I don’t know what I can do to not cry
But then I can see you and I know
All will be… fine.

I need you now every second of my life,
Because you are what supports me in the
bad times.
Your smile makes me feel that things will be
All those things are my reasons cause I owe you… my life.

I just want to give you
The things you want to have
cause I know I love you
And at least I will try
Like a star in my dreams
You give light to my life
Cause you are better than
The most beautiful star.

You’re the star that I found in a big sky,
And I couldn’t imagine you would be my
Star that was going to illuminate my life
Today I am grateful cause you have come
from ...the sky.

Is now

Written By: Mike Martin/Rene Franco

Things never are like we want
Many problems, tragedy, after the war,
What do we expect from a life like that
Money, sex and pleasure,
Do you really want it?

The things are not what they seem
Are we seeing our future and we think
“I can change, you can change we can
change to the world
But at least we will try
To pray often”.

Tell me why?
Do you give me all these things?
Do you tell me all these things?
Really I don’t want it.
The world cries
I don’t know how
i can change-over the world
Cause you tell me that…
The future is now.

Because the world spins around you
You know it is bad or maybe it is good
And I want, and you want, and we want
To forget all the things we don’t like
All the things we don’t care.

What can I do for my future?
Just you can get it.
I don’t know how I can try
You must be strong
Why I am feeling like this?
You should to ask yourself
Don’t worry! just live!


Written By: Mike Martin

I stand in this place
Place that i have enjoyed since i was a child
A place that i can’t find now or recognize
Without you, since you are gone.

I remember your voice
Memories, smiles you drew on my face,
But this strange place is not home anymore,
Without you, since you are gone.

And when a new day has come
And I realize you’re not
In the same world I stand
I feel lost, this ain´t life
Take me home.

Inside my heart
There is a hole, one which that I’ve never felt
Because you were around me, when I most needed it
Its too dark, can´t get light.

And when a new day has come
And I realize you’re not
In the same world I stand
I feel lost, this ain´t life
Take me home.

Take my hand from where you are
Make me feel life ain´t too hard
Help me to understand
This is home, cause you are

But I´ll miss you, no matter the time,
I will miss your world and mine
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
I want you to take me home

Not an Illution

Written By: Mike Martin/Gabriel O. tin

Always I prayed of a woman with soft skin and very sweet lips.
first time that I saw you I did not believe that you were exactly as I dreamed

But then I got close I found that...

I imagined the perfection often, but when I met you, i realized
That the reality turns into fantasy
Especially if I can feel you around me

And when I got close I realized …

You have me like a fool,
Looking at you, listening to your beau...
…tiful voice
The fist time I saw you
i did not believe “Perfection” is woman and,
then i could see around your lips....
That you were not an illusion.

I could felt your soft skin.
and Your beautiful hair, the smell of your body.
and i could see The look in your eyes.
The way you fit right into my arms

And when I got close I realized …

You have me like a fool,
Looking at you, listening to your beau...
…tiful voice
i did not believe that a perfect woman existed
and then i could see around your lips....
That you were not an illusion.

Behind her sweet laugh

Written By: Mike Martin/The Orange House

For some reason / your look caught my eye
When I thought that I found an
Affectionate woman.

i did not imagine all this was a lie
Because you know i felt your sincere kisses and thought you cared

After of thousand promises
And moments I felt Safe
in my heart you Just played with me.

And now i know that
Your hobby is to
Count all the men
you Can catch every week or every moth

Tell me how does
It feel now that
All of them know
that there behind your
Sweet laugh you are hiding to a lover…

Woman who really enjoy it
And who just play with the feelings

And now i`m feeling calmed down

I am so damn tired of your/ smile when
you have a new victim, someone you
don’t care about /and you know it

and what would happen if you were ... you were the one
that gets hurt by a man you believed in always, and always in always?

Anywhere you want

Written By: Mike Martin

You make me crazy
When i see you are dancing
For me when you are near I feel the magic
From you… to me.

You are who is in my head all the time
when I am
Sleeping because you are in my dreams
Don’t leave me… stay here

Give me a chance, you will see
That I’m the man that you are looking for
And you are free, if you come back and
give me another chance it will be me
Who’ll take you to anywhere you want.
Who’ll take you to anywhere you want.

Show me your feelings
If you do I will show you all mines
With my songs, with my voice and with my Kisses
To you… from me!!!

You make me crazy
When I smell your skin and your hair
I feel my heart is going on too fast and
You make… me sweat!!


Songs to Remember - first home demo.
Bands Competition - FINAL SEASON (LIVE).
Home - first studio album

2 singles from the new Home album like are a hit in radio stations of this area, don’t worry about waiting to hear it play on the radio, you can hear it in this website:

-Don´t forget my Hands.
-Is Now.

Set List

Our complete show includes 15-16 songs depending on what people wants. (all home album songs and something else).

1.- Fake
2.- Anywhere you want
3.- Mistakes
4.- The most beautiful star
5.- Don´t forget my hands
6.- Not an illution
7.- Can´t get over
8.- Home
9.- Behind her sweet laugh.
10.- Caribbean Country Rock
11.- No sabes
12.- Is now
13.- Paradise
14.- Walking your side
15.- Afraid
16.- Lonely weekend (cover adapted to rock)

*all songs excpeted Lonely weekend are own, written by The Orange House.
Time: 1:30 hrs.