The Orange Oven

The Orange Oven

 New York City, New York, USA

The Orange Oven is a psych rock band that trips everyone out. Our sound is Live @ pompeii @ Floyd's meddle era. Unlike other bands, we have the Moog synthesizer as a lead instrument and middle eastern tones on the drumz! We can jam for hours & love when the listener gets lost in the trippy sounds.


Similar to the elevator pitch, our sound is 70s floyd, often compared to Floyd, The Black Angels & Radiohead. We have been around since the Fall of 2008. We love to play live. In january 2011 alone - we already have 4 gigs. We have received great reviews of our music in England, Germany
and have been featured on AiiRadio.Net Captain SIB presents Iain's Psychedelic Freakout,, and playiong in May 2011 @ the Black Swan Artys & Music Festival in Indiana So if you want a band that can trip peeps out with middle eastern tones, The Orange Oven is the band fro yer festival!


The Stormy Sky is our album put out to the masses in March 2010

all trax can be heard on teh myspace & facebook

Set List

we can easily play for 2 hours