The Orbit Group

The Orbit Group

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The Orbit Group packs more punch than Clubber Lang with a pair of solid gold boxing gloves. Aquile sings a style that’s half Stevie Wonder, half Freddie Mercury, while the band rocks the stage with a ferocity and flash Earth, Wind, and Fire would be jealous of. Hip Hopped, Funked Up and Rocked Out.


The band is a musical melting pot, which makes our music hard to categorize. We come from eclectic backgrounds from all across the United States, and everybody walks just a little bit different.  

Now it gets a little weird...

We are going to save the world. Not we as in the band, but we as in all of us. All of you. Because the times are changing and we can’t stay the same. All of us need to do everything we can, whatever that is, to change our world for the better. We play music. You do what you do. Our band doesn’t have the power to change the world on our own, and neither do you. Change is something that only WE can do.

Okay, enough of that...

When it comes to the music, The Orbit Group does not disappoint. So, if you're in the neighborhood, come hang with Orbit cause we like to party.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking time to listen and support our music.

- The O.G.


Live At Bar Deluxe is available at digital music stores worldwide.

Set List

7 songs, 45 Minutes. + or - depending on the gig.