The Orchestrion

The Orchestrion

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Amidst haunting and calculated guitar lines, words, calmly float through a sea of heavy beats reinforced by asymmetric rhythm. Evan's Hip hop-driven percussion dances with Kris' syncopated and entrancing bass lines. Spencer's guitar adds a gentle yet driving layer of melodic texture, guided by a voice, strong yet tried by life.


The Orchestrion formed in September of 2008. Evan and Spencer met on a percussion festival excursion in 2004 and began a freestyle rap night. A few years later, Evan joined a project Spencer was involved with. This project was to become The Orchestrion. Kris recorded bass for a session and was promptly recruited.

Spencer picked up the guitar at age 10. His family moved quite a bit in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This invoked a stronger attachment to the instrument. He found music was a great way to channel energies of hope, anger, and a way to grow within. Moving up to Seattle in 2001, he played in a collective of closely knit musicians. In that community, Spencer began his creative song writing endeavors.

Kris was born in northern Minnesota. He found his way to music at 13, playing saxophone and later bassoon. From 6 to 15, Kris identified with a plethora of music. His search for more put him to work at a record shop in Minneapolis. Upon moving to Seattle in 2002, he played in a variety of bands from funk to psychedelic hardcore. As a barista in audio engineering school, Kris offered to record The Orchestrion. Currently, Kris plays bass in two Seattle-based bands and mixes live and production sound around the Seattle area, slowly checking goals off of the great list of life.

Evan began his music career in Tacoma, WA at age 9 with the piano. After a short stint with the flute he discovered percussion. His love for hitting things lead him through concert bands, symphonies, and percussion ensembles. He began writing hip hop beats at 20 and was involved with a couple of hip hop endeavors. When Spencer said he needed a drummer, Evan hit it up.


Everywhere you are

Written By: The Orchestrion

Humble you came and humble you left,
you looked my way,
Far be it from me,
In this journey
But I feel Everywhere you are,

Non-sequitirs at your door,
you lost control, I lost control,
but its the love that holds,
15 years old,
moved into your home
I felt so lonesome,
but what did I find,
an unlikely alliance,
you told me a story having a girls night,
pillow in lap, having a laugh,
listenin' to hank williams sing,

is logic out the door, what reason we hold,
feels a long way from home,
stone cold sober walks round familiar blocks,
and its everywhere you are,
i look to you and the seasons you knew
and the grace that came along,
now that your gone i take to my own with in its the humble that give and bend,
15 years old moved into your home,
i felt so lonesome,
but what did I find,
an unlikely alliance,
you told me a story having a girl's night,
pillow in lap, having a laugh,
listenin' to hank williams sing

this life is unpredictable
where did the time go

i'll stand on your shoulder's all my life long,

this life is unpredictable,
where did the time go.....


"Hustle & Swagger" is The Orchestrion's debut album. Northwest Convergence Zone has our music in rotation.