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The last couple years have been a crazy trip for the Order of Chaos. After sticking it out for almost three years in Stony Plain, this little thrash-metal outfit got one big break in 2007. Godsmack was touring Canada, and in each city ran a video contest to select a local opening act. It might have been a tight race, but the Order swept up the prize and got to play the Jubilee stage with Sully and friends.

Since then the band has moved to Edmonton and has been preparing to release its debut full-length, which drummer Tim Prevost promises will be a quick, high-energy album. The self-titled disc will be released this Friday at the Starlite Room, and if you've ever seen one of the band's shows before, you'll know that the growl on frontwoman Amanda Kiernan is pretty unforgettable. But, as you might expect at any metal event, being surrounded by male metalheads all the time isn't exactly easy.

"Well, it's been quite the ride. There have been some times when I wanted to strangle a couple of members," Kiernan laughs, "but it's been an amazing experience, and they've helped me so much. We get into fights every now and then—me and my guitar player don't get along very well."
But Prevost (who you might remember from his other band, Dead Jesus) notes that Kiernan takes it all in stride.

"She's really good, and really laid back, so she makes it easy for us. But he rides her pretty hard," Prevost says.

"I understand," she adds. "You know, we want to do whatever it takes to get out there, to get to the top. So we have to work hard and if that's the case then I'll deal with it."

Considering the band first discovered Kiernan as she was belting a Megadeth song in a back alley outside a show, it's pretty obvious that meekness isn't her strong suit. She just got back in town from hanging out with Black Label Society's Zakk Wylde—after she completely offended him when they first met.

"He had a lot to say. Tim had given me the Dead Jesus bible from his other band, and I thought (Wylde) would think it was the coolest bible in the whole entire world," Kiernan explains. "So I worked up the courage to give it to him myself personally. He was actually very offended.

"He was pretty drunk—he turned the bible upside down so the cross was upright, and covered the logo and started yelling in the hallway saying 'Jesus isn't dead, that's a terrible band name!'" she laughs. "I felt really bad. So then I told him about my band, and I told him that I did some guest vocals on the Dead Jesus album, but I still felt bad. He still took it though."

While Wylde and the rest of the world wait to hear what the Order has to offer, at least we can take comfort knowing that even lifelong metalheads get offended sometimes. - Vue Magazine

w/ Vivisect, This Is War, Apitome. The Starlite Room (10030-102 St). Fri, June 5 (8pm). Tickets: $10 in advance, $13 at the door.

Standing in the ruins of their rehearsal spot, Edmonton rockers The Order of Chaos could see everything they’d worked for completely destroyed.

Guitars, amps, three drum kits, PA system, band banner, merchandise — all incinerated when an arsonist set fire to the building at the end of last January. For drummer Tim Prevost, it was a double blow — the building also housed his family’s business, a 25-year-old enterprise. So what did the five-piece metal band do after the embers had cooled?

Set up in the midst of the disaster and take some badass promo shots, that’s what.

“Yeah, why not?” chuckles Prevost from the band’s new practice space, relaxing with bandmates just days away from their CD release show at the Starlite Room. “I went through the wreckage and grabbed a few things after — a guitar cabinet, some other stuff. We were lucky, though — friends and family came through to help us out with new gear, which was good, because we also had this recording to worry about.”

You heard correctly: while they were picking through the rubble to see what could be saved, The Order of Chaos (which also includes vocalist Amanda Kiernan, guitarists John Saturley and John Simon, and bassist Sterling Burrows) were also in the midst of recording their debut album at Beta Sound with Bill Kennedy, producer for Nine inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Morbid Angel and Megadeth.

“Well, Kevin Hoskins was the actual producer,” Prevost hastily clarifies. “Bill sat down with us at the beginning and got the guitar tones and drum sounds — he did the whole

initial setup, and when Kevin was done, Bill took it to Vancouver and mixed at the Farm Studio, Garth Richardson’s [Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers] place.”

That’s an impressive pedigree of names to draw on for a local band with little to no clout, and the cost of the recording apparently reflects this. But even as industry-hardened a personage as Kennedy was willing to cut The Order of Chaos a deal as they painfully started assembling gear again after the fire.

“Bill has treated us with so much respect,” Prevost says. “He trusts us — we’re still not completely paid off, but he’s allowing us to release it so we can make some money and pay him off.”

They’re still strapped for cash, and now they’re in the long stretch, with new equipment and an album that needs paying for, but Prevost and his bandmates remain optimistic. “Considering everything that’s happened — well, at least we’re putting out a good angry record,” he laughs. “We’ve had so much support from our bros. It makes you realize how fortunate we are to have the friends that we have.” - See Magazine


Demo 1 - 2006
Demo 2 - 2007
Self Titled LP - 2009



The Order of Chaos, is a long standing and well known Canadian hard rock band which originated in Stony Plain Alberta. They have been working their way through clubs and bars in Western Canada since 2003. Founding members John Simon Fallon and Sterling Burrows are today joined by drummer Tim Prevost, guitarist John Saturley. Vocalist, Amanda Kiernan, is renowned for her ability to blend of various rock-metal vocal styles and is highly regarded for her humble yet confident approach to her central role as the bands focal point

The Order of Chaos has been featured at the Boonstock Music Festival and has performed with such world-renowned acts as Godsmack, Sonata Arctica, Paul Di’Anno (formerly of Iron Maiden) and Ensiferium. Many of these opportunities have evolved from the band’s innate ability to captivate crowds. Their energetic, memorable performances and marketing savy have impressed audiences throughout Western Canada.

The band’s success is based on exceptional songwriting, an energetic stage presence and live interaction with its fans. The band also makes a point of performing in smaller rural communities and first nations reserves, and aims to provide a memorable entertainment experience for people who may not otherwise have had the opprtuinity to witness a live music event of this nature. The band regularly performs at charity events supporting disease research, and was featured at “The Worlds Longest Hockey Game,” as a backdrop during Hockey Night in Canada.

In 2009, The Order of Chaos completed its first professionally produced full-length album with Kevin Hoskin at Beta Sound Studios in Edmonton, Alberta. The self-titled album was co-produced and mixed by Bill Kennedy, a recording industry legend who has worked with Megadeth, Testament, and Nine Inch Nails. Mastering was completed by Tom Baker in California who has worked with hundreds of well known bands ranging from classic rock icons such as Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones, to heavy metal gods Judas Priest and Motley Crue.

The album was released on June 5th, 2009 in front of more than 300 fans, thus reinforcing the bands status as one of Edmonton’s most well respected hard rock performers. The sold out show turned over a net profit of more than $3500 after expenses.

The band is readily available as tour support on a moments notice, and has the means to participate in extensive touring. All members of the band are eligible to enter the United States and one member has a European Union Passport, thus facilitiating the application process for European bookings.

The Order of Chaos has completed the writing process for its second album and will be heading back into the studio in spring of 2010. The album will be released in late summer or early fall of 2010. The album represents the maturation of the bands sound and promotional direction and is an impressive example of the bands staying power within the Canadian hard rock genre.