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"Album Review"

"the fun-loving bar-rock soundtrack to your secret male society's weekly stein hoist." - Montreal Mirror

"Album Review: "unpretentious fun of the highest -order""

With navel-gazing bedroom artists hogging the spotlight these days, it’s nice to know bands like the Order of Good Cheer still exist. A by-product of bassist/vocalist Francesco Guidoccio’s backyard BBQs, the Toronto-based band revels in big shout-along choruses, 70s Southern rock riffs and lyrics about drinking, partying and, in one instance (the Lola send-up Lady Pizzle), accidental transsexual love.

The double EP is goofy, sure, but it’s also unpretentious fun of the highest -order. It helps that the humour, while not exactly PC, often hits the mark. Even the token country ballad, the album closer Everything, earns its smirk with all too -literal love lyrics addressed to Jesus (aka “my baby Lord”).

The music is better experienced live than on record – especially considering the band’s tendency to bring a heaping platter of free pulled pork to shows. But it would take a heart of stone not to enjoy it in any format.

Top track: Southern Swamp Hop
- Now Magazine (Toronto)


Until now, the Juno Decades concerts have likely been easy to book. Musicians both young and old love an excuse to celebrate the past, and they turned up in droves to celebrate Canadian music of the 80s and 90s.

But since nostalgia requires distance, the 00s have been a harder sell. It’s admirable, then, that the organizers have managed to pack the bill with an impressive array of recent Canadian talent. Much of the credit goes to the Order of Good Cheer, the hard-partying locals who will act as house band for the evening.

“We’ve played the Horseshoe so much lately that we must be at the top of their speed dial,” laughs the Cheer’s David Tysowski, whose band also plays the ’Shoe the night before (Friday, March 4) with Small Sins.

Between Tysowski’s day job as head of promotions at Arts & Crafts, bassist Frank Guidoccio’s legendary backyard BBQs and guitarist Chris Greenough’s past in the band Pilate, they’ve amassed a remarkable Rolodex that they’ve dusted off for the event.

Expect guest spots by members of Broken Social Scene, Zeus, the Stills, Justin Rutledge, NQ Arbuckle, Royal Wood, Sarah Slean and others.

“Our set’s going to be an epic slice of Canrock history from the 00s,” boasts Tysowski. “We’ve come up with some never-done-before collaboration ideas. It’ll be a total blast.”
- Now Magazine (Toronto)

"Broken Social Scene Members Join The Cheer for Juno Concert"

A Broken Social Scene member is likely to debut a brand new song this weekend.

Which member, and what type of song it's going to be is where the mystery begins.

Both Broken Social Scene leader Kevin Drew and sometimes member Jason Collett will be participating in something called the 2012 Juno Concert Series at Toronto's Horsheshoe Tavern on March 3. The event, which supports the charity Musicounts and is meant to promote the upcoming Juno Awards happening April 1 in Ottawa, Ontario, is a giant variety show of sorts with three house bands -- Arkells, the Beauties and the Order of Good Cheer -- playing classic Canadian content covers aided by a cast of all-star level special guests.

Both Drew and Collett will be performing with the Order of Good Cheer and the well-connected Toronto band couldn't help but dangle some of the plans they have for their set -- including something new from one of the BSSers.

"There's been a lot of back and forth and it's been a lot of massaging to get a song nailed down, but we've been dealing with a member of Broken Social Scene and we might be doing an original song that might be a surprise for everyone," says Good Cheer drummer David Tysowski coyly.

"I can tell you for sure we're doing a couple awesome songs with Jason Collett and Kevin Drew, some over-the-top collaborations right now that I can't get into but it certainly deals with platinum-level artists in Canada and also a different genre of music that would have nothing to do with Order Of Good Cheer. But again, I'm sorry, we're working on it right now and we can't divulge more."

The Juno Concert Series started last year when the Awards show was looking for a way to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The idea they came up with was to do four separate variety shows, broken down by decades -- the '70s, '80s, '90s and 2000s -- in advance of the actual awards.

This year there are two shows, the first of which happened in February and featured the Sadies, Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning, members of Sloan, Ohbijou, Tokyo Police Club, Rural Alberta Advantage and F---ed Up, along with hip-hop karaoke. The March 3 show will include the Tragically Hip's Gord Sinclair along with members of Our Lady Peace, Born Ruffians, Cuff the Duke, Small Sins, By Divine Right, the Skydiggers as well as names like Ian Blurton and NQ Arbuckle.

Tysowski says there are going to be a number of unbilled super-special guests, too.

"Last year we put together some never-before-seen collaborations the likes of K-OS with Billy Talent or Sebastien Grainger (Death From Above 1979) with Billy Talent, and we did songs with Sarah Slean and Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning," he says. "There also are other artists that for a variety of reasons -- because they have shows coming up or something like that -- they actually aren't listed on the poster and the advertisements because of obligations that are coming up.

"Like, we know we're going to be covering songs from an eclectic mix of artists. We'll be tackling some Andy Kim, Metric and Weakerthans, and some really, really sexy gold CanCon from back in the day. We've also got some really good rockin' songs. I'm not going to say Helix -- but I just did -- and we're really stoked about potentially working with a world-renowned opera artist that we can't divulge because we don't know much more than that.

"But I can guarantee you the Cheer set will give you a cavalcade of hit-makers. Only the best in Canadian music." -

"Bookies Holiday Bash, 2009"

Here in Toronto, local Edge 102.1 DJ Dave Bookman (Bookie) has a tradition of bringing great rock to the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern every Tuesday night. No cover. What a great guy! This particular Tuesday night was his second annual Holiday Bash with the Arkells, joined by Hollerado and The Order of Good Cheer. I'll be using the word "fun" many times in this post.

I hadn't heard of The Order of Good Cheer until the show. They're from Toronto, they're a little bit punk, a little bit country blues, and a little bit unexpected. Their frontman, Francesco Guidoccio came out all decked in white, pants, shirt and blazer. I thought he looked friendly but tired and disheveled in a very rock and roll kind of way.
They sang about taking it off, marijuana girlfriends and trannies. No, I'm serious. When I type it out it sounds immature and silly, but really they've got a wicked sense of humour in their songs and lyrics. I insist that you go out to their next show to witness them perform Lady Pizzle live. "Oh my god... it's bigger than mine". The few tracks and videos on their mySpace page don't do them justice in showing what a fun live act they are. Also, I'd like to give credit to their ukulele player. Never have I seen a person so enthusiastic about such a tiny instrument. He was really, really into it. That guy was shredding! - Impressionable Youth Blog

"Arkells, The Order Of Good Cheer and Hollerado at Horseshoe Tavern for Bookie's Holiday Bash 2009"

Opening the night was The Order Of Good Cheer, a band that takes its name from the event of the same name that was founded in 1606 by Samuel de Champlain. The original Order Of Good Cheer was created to liven spirits during the long Canadian winter, and I have to imagine that's exactly why this band of four decided to use the same name. Fronted by Francesco Guidoccio (vocals, bass) who took the stage wearing an all-white suit, and with Chris Greenough (guitar) who is also a key member of Pilot Speed, the band plays Canadian-ified Southern Rock about good times, barbeques, and transvestites. - Pete Nema Blog

"The Order Of Good Cheer, Arkells and Hollerado @ The Horseshoe, Dec. 22, 2009" - Sounds From The Shoe (Live MP3 Clip)


Tanto Monta ~ Monta Tanto (2010 - Double EP)
"Be My Cub" (Single - as seen in the MTV documentary "Bear Nation")
"Marijuana Girlfriend" (Single - as seen in the HBO series "Right Hand Man")



Music. Food. Booze. Sexiness. The building blocks of any gathering worth remembering. In 1606, famed explorer and legendary homme-fatale Samuel de Champlain created L'Ordre de Bon Temps. It originally was founded to raise morale through the harsh Canadian winters. These hedonistic bon-vivants would gather regularly for a whirlwind orgy of food, music, wine, and French dancers. Fast forward to 2009, and the spirit of the club has been revived at last, after many booze-fueled barbecues gave way to the inevitable. The Order of Good Cheer was created by Toronto friend-setters Frank Guidoccio, David Tysowski, Chris Greenough and Kyle Wilson to celebrate the essence of the club through music and food. The historical Order incentive of "I'm cold and hungry so let's party" was transformed into "Country music is the word of God." Doused in liquor, smothered in BBQ sauce, then filtered through the smoky lens of 70's country rock, the Cheer's goal is to get your feet moving and your tender bits tingling. In late 2010 the Cheer unleashed their debut recording, the audacious double-gatefold EP Tanto Monta~Monta Tanto. Many said it couldn't, or perhaps shouldn't be done, but they somehow managed to cram nine tracks of psych-country-rock-surf-gospel onto only two discs. Adding another layer of spicy dry-rub to the record, The Order of Good Cheer enlisted an all-star cast of guest musicians and associate Cheer members from Toronto's indie-rock royalty. Produced by hot-shot guitarist/producer 'Scuba' Steve Krecklo, the record was immediately hailed as a splash of gas in the eye of the current indie climate of bedroom-pop introspection. Tanto Monta~Monta Tanto has been showered with golden praise by Toronto's NOW Magazine as "unpretentious fun of the highest order", while the Montreal Mirror dubbed it "the fun-loving bar-rock soundtrack to your secret male society's weekly stein hoist." 2011 has been designated by many astrologists as the Year of The Cheer, and after witnessing their live shows which always include dazzling surprise guests, infectious energy, outrageous lyrics, heroic drinking, and hills of free slow-smoked pulled pork–personally prepared by the band, it's easy to see why. Or as one Toronto music industry veteran (who shall remain nameless) recently put it: "Thank Christ for the Cheer."