The Ordinary

The Ordinary


There's no hope in Rock n' Roll, There's "No Future"


Pretty girls don't ride the train where we go. There's big black X's where there ought to be O's. We've brought shame on our families and our country has abandoned us. There's no hope in Rock n' Roll, There's "No Future". There's never been any sex or drugs. God has forsaken us. A dateless bargain. So be it. The worse it gets the more fun it is.

At the heart of The Ordinary is Liverpool import Jamie Sweetman, who blends NYC garage punk ethos with classic British indie wit, backed by the heavy guitars of Johnny Nassau and Nick Zelletz and melodic undertones of Josh Kemp on bass, the sound is all held together with the violently Keith Moonesqe stickwork of Joshua Tussin to form the dirtiest, most powerful yet still harmonious band of recent history.

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EP "Dont Let Me Die A Waiter" Summer in the Weeds, Sweet Rotten Apples, Klepto Wives, Pretty People, TV and Radio
Singles- Custard's Last Stand, Disco Beat, Velveteen Habit

Set List

Adult's Only, Klepto Wives, Velveteen Habit, Disco Beat, Bad Touch, Waterloo Boohoo, Custard's Last Stand