The Ordinary Summer

The Ordinary Summer



It all started in 2004 with a coffee house and two blonde haired kids obsessed with music. Tristan Cary and Troy Andersen being still in high school decided to play a local coffee house. After debating about what songs to cover it came down to what their name should be. In the corner of the practice space was a snare drum head painted black with the white words “The Ordinary Summer”. After that warm June night in 2004 The Ordinary Summer was born. After adding Bryan Mastergeorge on guitar and Ben Tileston on bass the band started to play shows around their area at places where they had first seen bands that influenced their start. They played anything from VFW’s to clubs recording three demos along the way, one demo was even recorded in the studio of Aerosmith- in lead guitarist Joe Perry’s house. After realizing that the current lineup wasn’t leading them in the right direction they decided to put Ben onto drums, who currently is on a scholarship to BU for percussion, and added Keith Richards to bass and Jack McCarthy to vocals. This caught the eye of the record label Century Media, notably the biggest independent label in the world. After their meetings they decided Jack was also not working as a singer so they decided to try something new and employed the talents of Bailey MacNab. Bailey was young and still timid but after a few live performances came out of her shell and began to really bring a new life to the band. The band decided then to change direction once again after taking a three month hiatus. They changed the lineup drastically adding Erick Phillips to drums, Nevin to bass/vocals, and Dave McKinney to vocals. After a show or two with Dave the band decided they wanted to play over age venues with a solid line up already in college and then put Nevin onto vocals full time. After writing and rewriting songs The Ordinary Summer has solidified a line up of songs all about a girl. Look out for a new demo CD on the way.


Isn't Going To College EP
Dead To Me EP
This One's For Troy EP
I Wish I Could Dance Like Joey EP

Set List

Our typical setlist is between 30-45 minutes but once played for an hour and a half when the club asked us too. We have a slew of originals and will on occasion play a cover song depending on the crowd and our material basis at the time. Our set list is as follows
Stay Gold
Forget About Friendships
Cambridge Points North
The Lights On Huntington
Mayday Mayday Mayday
Hollywood Was So Last Year