The Ordnance

The Ordnance


Falling somewhere in between AC/DC, Queens of The Stone Age and the Foo Fighters...


Born out of the ashes of several other musical projects, The Ordnance was officially formed in the Spring of 2009 as a five-piece in the small university town of Athens, Ohio, where all of the members attended school. Originally hailing from all different parts of the Ohio/Pennsylvania area, each member brings a different element to the band in creating music that is too mercurial to pin down and too schizophrenic to classify in to just one genre. Blurring the lines of Alternative rock, pop, metal, and a myriad of other different musical influences, The Ordnance has slowly but surely been conjuring a sound that is all their own, and writing songs that reflect their diverse musical backgrounds. With a definite line up now in place--Michael Hunter (vocals), Zach Ellenberger (guitar/vocals), Matthew Fisher (Percussion), Jeb Bernert (guitar), and Steven Geroski (bass), and having now played nearly a hundred shows throughout the Midwest up to this point since forming, The Ordnance has finally completed their long awaited debut album- "Three Ring Riot."


The EP was released earlier this year on iTunes. Three tracks (Dirty, The Morning After, and Jail Invention), have had limited airplay on some small radio stations and podcasts around the world.

The Debut Album "Three Ring Riot" is tracked and will be on its way to be pressed shortly! Stay tuned!

Set List

We can play anywhere from a 45 min(+) set of originals to a 2-3 hour set including cover songs.