NYC based metal act whose live act is a scorching reminder of what some metal lacks today; balls.


A four piece rock band from BROOKLYN that culls its various influences into a sound that is at once ball-crushing, in-your-face metal, while at the same time delivering entrancing melodies along the lines of Creed, Godsmack and Stone Temple Pilots. The guys of Theorem - vocalist Darren Galvani, guitarist Richie Toto, bassist Nino Valenti and drummer Chris Loggia - have been hitting the NY area with shows that engage every member and calls for people to drop their drinks and bang alongside with the best of them.

At Theorem's core are guitarist Richie Toto and drummer Chris Loggia; best friends and bandmates for well over ten years. The solid foundation formed by these two was enhanced in 1994 with the addition of bassist Nino Valenti. Lacking the connection to meld all of their varying influences and interests, the guys of Theorem went on a search for a new lead singer, eventually landing vocalist Darren Galvani in 1999. Darren not only delivered throaty vocals but also added catchy melodious lyrics to the hard-edge dynamic that is Theorem.

Concentrating on their blend of sounds and personal ties to one another, Theorem has consistently packed houses all over the New York area. Their hard rock sound with catchy hooks create a winning formula of that modern metal sound so many other bands fail to make successful. With a four-song EP on the table and shows at NYC's CBGB's, Limelight and Webster Hall. Theorem has set out to prove that rock is more than just screaming into a microphone and deafening your audience. It's about the connection. It's about presence. And it's all about Theorem.


Theorem- Mechanically Separated Chicken 2004
Theorem- 4 Straight Up 2003
Theorem- Live At Ultraphonic 2002

Set List

The set list is anywhere from 8 to 10 songs depending on the venue. We don't do many covers. But we try to stick one in per set.

Theorem’s Song Catalog-

Clean Break
Old Balls
Scared Lives
Better Off
It was you
Looking up at me
Shot Heard
Slippery Fellow
Even Wayz
Teen Fiend


Fairies wear boots
Needle and a spoon