The Original Blackouts

The Original Blackouts

 Austin, Texas, USA

The sound of America... Which is Black America


The Original Blackouts have reared their ugly head in Austin, TX. They don't play punk music and they are not "hip" "punk" "new wave" or "garage". The Original Blackouts write pop songs and want to sell out as much as possible. They don't wear matching uniforms and they don't show off cool tatoos. They don't adhere to the conventions and cliches of Austin's garage punk "scene" because they couldn't give two shits what a bunch of Chuck wearin' zombies think. They play loud, fast, and DO NOT consider The Ramones an influence. They have fornicated with a teddybear onstage, rejected a lesson in 'rock' from the Flamming Lips, declaring "Fuck You! I am Rock'N'Roll!!!", and have been barred from the RedEyedFly no less than 3 times. The Original Blackouts are your worst nightmare... Good Rock N Roll music that will dominate the charts. This is the rock n roll eruption of The Original Blackouts. Live, the band is quite a show, generating the kind of sweat and excitement that became anathema to many local scenesters. The Original Blackouts are quite honestly a breathe of fresh air in the crowded world of snobby punk/garage rock cliques. "We don't play for stuck up hipster punk kids who don't know a damn thing about Rock N Roll. We are a full on constant explosion of energy and excitement," Volcano said of the band's live performances. "It's like David Lee Roth proclaimed - every moment has to be a perfect photo opportunity." The band is on a rampage bringing Rock N Roll back to the foreĀ·front. The Original Blackouts manage to sharply divide critics who tend to see them as either inspired showmen or mendacious con men (frankly they are all of the above). T-shirts, sleeping bags, lunch boxes, action figures etc. are all in the works. So sit back, take a listen and come see your new beloved band.

Profoundly yours,
The Original Blackouts


Voodoo Girls, Cyndi, Ghetto Rock-n-Roll

Set List

Nice and Sweet, Shout It, Got it Bad, Cyndi, Ghetto Rock-n-Roll, Voodoo Girls, Medicine, All She Says, Downtown Folk, Captain Furry.

30 to 45 minutes.

Breed by Nirvana