An early originator of the Northern California skate rock scene.Thrasher Magazine's MoFo (Drunk Injuns) compiled the first Skate rock tape, which featured 4 Minus-One songs, as well as songs by JFA, The Big Boys, and the Faction as well as tunes from Los Olvidados,Skoundralz and Riot 303.


Minus One is one of the co-creators of the skate rock genre in contemporary popular music. Their songs by the trio have appeared in Thrasher, on compilations, and in very limited release. They will release their first full length LP appropriately titled "The Kids Don't Skate Here" on DC-Jam Records in September, 2008.
Influences include "Brittish Invasion" bands: Lennon, The Who, Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, The Jam


Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 1 1982
One Giant Leep UK punk compilation venture records 1983
The Kids Don't Skate Here 2008

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