The Original Painkiller

The Original Painkiller


A fresh, unique spin on the three piece rock band. Sounds like a cross between Hendrix, Big Sugar, CCR and Queens of the stone age. Live shows feature lots of improvisation to keep things interesting, but also rely on strong muscianship and songwriting


The Original Painkiller are the rare unique rock band you stumble upon. They have an
eclectic sound - a normal show will include hard rock, blues, ragtime-informed jazz , punk,
psychedelic jams, and whatever else they feel like conjuring up. These diverse influences colour their distinctive sound, as do their strong original material, musicianship , and excellent musical chemistry. The band is made up of Bassist/ Vocalist Darko Maric, Drummer Noah Jacobson, and Guitarist Jesse Peikoff.

Darko, a native of Sarajevo, Bosnia who moved to Canada several years ago, incorporates funky slap, and swinging walking bass lines into his playing, and has a distinctive vocal sound that never fails to grab an audience's attention. Noahs style is rooted in the hard-driving rock and blues beats of Mitch Mitchell, Buddy Miles, Butch Trucks (Allman brothers) and Bud (Sublime).
Jesse's musical influences include guitar legend Danny Gatton, Ry Cooder and Jeff Beck.
Some of the band's song writing influences include Tom Waits, Randy Newman, and
Neil Young, among many others. They have been compared to Jimi Hendrix, CCR, The Who, and Queens of the Stone Age.
The band has quickly developed a loyal fan base, thanks to their energetic
live shows that feature their improvisational ability, musicianship and fresh-sounding arrangements.


By the shore

Written By: Jesse Peikoff

I got a bucket full of green weeds
I caught among the tall reeds
Got them with my fishin' pole
I eat them in my orange bowl
Sitting in a wood boat
Drifting down an old moat
I break the ice with an oar
I live by the shore

Pull the thing to the docks
and scrape it's hull along the rocks
climb out with my pail
and fold up my pirate sail
the castle there made of sand
I'll drink to you with water and
moonshine from the local store
I live by the shore

Sittin on a treasure chest
thinking 'bout gettin dressed
and heading to the fire pit
to make sure it's still lit
to signal planes overhead
or cook the rat I caught instead
I get a lighter from the drawer
I live by the shore

Winter and I'm out of wood
there's much in the neighbourhood
I took the scraps that I could find
there's not enough but I don't mind
and if I die they'll find me in
a shack with half a flask of gin
I take a shot to change the score
I live by the shore.

I'll Be Happy

Written By: Jesse Peikoff

You're like a splinter from a bat
an infection from a nail
a haircut in the kitchen
or an audit in the mail
miserable at work
surrounded by you creeps
I can't wait to get home
so I can go to sleep

I'll be happy when you're dead
you heard what I said

I got cut from the paper
paper says I'm fired
unhappy and broke
and now I'm feeling tired
sleep through all my trouble
and sleep through all my pain
can't deal with you people
you're driving me insane

I'll be happy when you're dead
you heard what I said

happy happy when you're dead
I won't miss the things you said
I won't cry I'll laugh instead
happy when you're dead
happy happy when you're dead
no more misery you spread
from my feet to my head
happy when you're dead


"The Original Painkiller" - 2007 LP
Singles: "I'll be happy", "The Occult", "Through the fog".
Played on KICK fm and UMFM.
Streaming tracks available on

Set List

We are a very versatile band, and we are comfortable playing hard rock, blues, funk, country, some jazz numbers, often all of these within a night. Our focus would be on rock, and we typically play with a lot of energy and usually improvisation. We cover some classic rock like Hendrix and ZZ top, some blues like albert collins, we also cover John Hiatt, the No smoking orchestra, and a variety of others.