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"The Original Stone City Band: ‘Rick James the muscian’"

Interview with * Entertainment * What's Hot! - Rolling Out Magazine

"Rick James’ Stone City Band lights up the Tralf"

"...The Tralf, filled to capacity with audience members at tables and chairs, made an odd decision to not have a dance floor. As the band’s 90-minute set heated up, dancers made do, boogying wherever they could.

As is tradition in some musical genres, the band took the stage for several interludes before backup vocalist Mark Love, a Stone City member from the ’90s, sang “Stone City Band, Hi!” and “Ghetto Life,” an inner-city coming-of-age classic from 1981. It was the first showcase for vocalist and guitar-playing Randall Bostick (actually his 2nd in Buffalo), who bound onstage in long braids (a James trademark), pink sequined shirt and sensible black trousers....

...“You and I,” “Rick’s first hit,” of 1978 vintage and distinctive thumping bass line, proved that Bostick had chops and moves. The band’s horn section added a brassy edge, with saxophonist Mario DiGiulio, of Reno, Nev., taking a brief, driving solo. Grounding drummer Lanise Hughes and stoic guitarist Tom McDermott (both original band members, as is keyboardist Billy Nunn of soaring melodies) infused the set with harder-rocking moments....

...There were a few costume changes by Bostick, ample opportunity for second backup singer Sheli B to pay tribute to James’ late protégé Teena Marie during “I Need Your Lovin’,” her beseeching Motown disco hit. The two made a beautiful duet out of James’ ballad “Fire and Desire,” the set’s “take it down” moment before the powerful triad that ended the set dynamically: “Mary Jane,” “Give It to Me Baby” and the ultra-rollicking encore “Super Freak.”... were appeals to “keep the music alive” and to sign a petition circulating in the room lobbying for Rick James’ inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The extended Stone City Band, lining up at the stage’s edge, basked in the adulation. Those who had not been dancing all night stood, joining the others for a deserved standing ovation, Bostick shouting, “Much love to you, Buffalo!”... - Buffalo News

"Rick James Lives On Through The Original Stone City Band"

As I write this, I am still recovering from one of the absolute best and funkiest performances that I have ever experienced, by the Original Stone City Band at the Long Beach Funk Fest on Saturday afternoon, August 7, 2010.

The Stone City Band was originally formed in 1978 by none other than Rick James, the King of Punk Funk. Serving as Rick’s lineup for all of his recording and touring through the heights of his career, it was the band of musicians and singers who made the signature Rick James sound come alive on world-recognized hits such as “Super Freak,” “You & I,” “Mary Jane,” “Bustin’ Out,” ”Ghetto Life,” “In My House,” “Fire It Up,” “Fire And Desire,” “Standing On The Top,” “All Night Long,” “Boys” and too many more to mention.

The new band lineup features the eerily-phenomenal Randall “R2“ Bostick (Lead Vocals), Allen McGrier (Bass & Vocals); Billy Nunn (Keyboards & Vocals); Lanise Hughes (Drums); Nate “Guido” Hughes (Percussion & Vocals); Bryan “Silky B" Lammers (Guitar & Vocals); Money Stone (Keyboards & Vocals); Kapp Ivory (Keyboards, Synthesizers & Vocals); Julian Tanaka (Sax); Kevin Mullinax (Trombone); Lou Gonzalas (Trumpet) and background vocals from "Rick's Angels" – the Mary Jane-esque Angeletta Russell-Williams, Heidi Ching Sam and Valita Leigh Garcia.

For well over three decades, Rick James' legendary Original Stone City Band has served up healthy home-cooked soul food, in the form of some of the funkiest music ever written, performed and produced. With a dance card filled with the likes of The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, MC Hammer, Teena Marie, The Mary Jane Girls and many more, the purity of The Original Stone City Band's timeless funkified music continually ensures this rock ‘n funk band's legacy in history as one of the best of all time.

Stone City’s influence and sound is so distinctive, that any time a DJ wants to motivate people to get on the dance floor, he or she merely has to play one of their songs to bring the crowd alive - as no one can resist their rhythms, rooted in classic funk.

From Parliament, to Funkadelic and everywhere in between, not since I last saw Robert Randolph and the Family Band have I had this kind of soul-stirring, adrenaline pumped musical experience.

Lead singer, Randall Bostick, who was channeling Rick James like a trusty guardian angel hollered “I hope this is a day you will never forget.” I won't, and I know that no one else who was fortunate enough to be there will, either. Live home grown soulful funk music can feel like a religious experience. This is why it's called “soul” music. We all “went to church,” as they say, that sunny, breezy day in Long Beach, California. Needless to say, wherever Rick James was, he was bound to have heard the soul shattering sounds of his band's music and was mighty proud that they are keeping his legacy alive. Amen.
SusanSDavis is based in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, and is an Anchor for Allvoices.
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"Rick James’ Original Stone City Band Is Back | Tributes to James and Teena Marie Part of Show | The Cut with that Brother!"

The Cut with that Brother! — As the band prepares for its first major tour in over 25 years, The Original Stone City Band is pumped up about hitting the road again but with mixed emotions. August 6th will mark the seventh anniversary of the death of Punk Funk legend, Rick James. Recently, the band suffered another major loss this past December with the passing of singer/songwriter/producer Teena Marie. To honor their memory, the band is dedicating this Reunion Tour to celebrate the life music and legacy of these legendary artists.
The Original Stone City Band began their rise to fame as the recording and touring band for the King of Punk Funk, Rick James in 1978. They were responsible for the music you hear on recording by Teena Marie, The Temptations, The Mary Jane Girls, Smokey Robinson, MC Hammer, and Eddie Murphy – memorable songs like “Super Freak,” “Standing On The Top,” “All Night Long,” “Fire and Desire,” “Give It to Me Baby,” “Mary Jane,” “You & I,” “Cold Blooded,” “Ebony Eyes,” and “Party All The Time” – just to name a few.
In a phone interview this week with Stone City Percussionist, Nate “Guido” Hughes talked candidly about Teena Marie and the glory years with Rick James. “Teena was special, and a very talented musician and songwriter,” Hughes said. “I remember working on her first Motown album entitled ‘Wild and Peaceful’. When she stepped behind the mike and sang ‘Déjà vu, we all knew that she was the real deal, and the rest is history.”
“It was the day after Christmas,” as Hughes recalls. “When we got news of Teena’s death it just devastated us all. We literally had to shut down for two months. “She was family,” he says. “We were planning a big tribute concert in Buffalo; too celebrate Rick’s life, music and legacy. Now we’ll include a special tribute to Teena in our show.”
The band is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada and are “fired up” about this highly anticipated Tribute Tour that will kickoff in Sacramento, California on June 4 at McClatchy Park with The O’Jays. The band will consist of original members Lanise Hughes (drums), Nate (Guido) Hughes (percussion/vocals) Billy Nunn (keyboards/vocals), Allen McGrier (bass), and Tom McDermott (lead guitar). Also joining the band on lead vocals, is Randall (R2) Bostick and on keyboards, Kapp Ivory. - DryerBuzz

"Celebrating the music of the late Rick James"

Considered by many of their peers to be one of the “Greatest Live Performing Funk / Rock Bands” of all time! The Original Stone City Band is back and ready to ‘Fire Up The Funk!” For more than 3 decades, this legendary band provided the sounds heard on recordings by Rick James, Teena Marie, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, The Mary Jane Girls, MC Hammer and Eddie Murphy to name a few. Their sound can be heard on countless recordings and samplings by many of today’s Hip Hop artists. On any given day you’ll hear a commercial on radio / TV, or see a television show or movie, and hear that distinctive signature sound of Rick James” Original Stone City Band with its pulsating bass lines and irresistible rhythms! - Yoshi's San Francisco

"Long Beach Funk Fest The Original Stone City Band"

The Original Stone City Band took the main stage next and taking no prisoners. With their lead singer from Youngstown, Oh who resembles the late Rick James down to the braids and mustache, The Buffalo, NY crew performed Punk Funk classics "Give It To Me Baby," Mary Jane," "You and I," and a ballsy "Fire & Desire" which had a comical crowd interaction as the singer searched for a female to serenade. The female vocal of this song was left undone and this anthem was performed with much respect to those that came before it. The lead singer (Randall) "pulled it off" and this energy flowed right into the closing hit "Super Freak." Though it was early (afternoon) The Original Stone City Band tore it up and left the crowd screaming as a nice little message to the headliner. -

"Stone City Rocks The Sphere"

Last week, Rick James' Original Stone City Band turned out the Sphere Entertainment Complex for two awesome shows. No easy feat for Buffalo's tough audiences, especially given the fact that these seasoned entertainers all hail from the "Nickel City". The second show was standing room only, and even those with seats found themselves on their feet as the band rocked the house with hit after hit. It was a great tribute to the "King of Punk Funk", the late Rick James.

It was an even greater testament to the power and professionalism of the incredibly talented men who backed him at the height of his career! The entire band was tight and complimented by background singers and the Punk Funk Horns, as they performed a near flawless set

The verdict was in on Stone City, and it was unanimous. From "Ghetto Life" to "Fire and Desire", and the all time hit "Super Freak", Rick James' Original Stone City Band held it down. Rick would have been proud. The Boys are back…Long Live The Funk! - A.B. - The Challenger


The Original Stone City Band releases:
"In 'N' Out" Gordy - 1980
"The Boys Are Back" Motown - 1981
"Meet The Stone City Band! - Out From The Shadow" Gordy - 1983

Credits on:
Rick James
1978 "Come Get It!" 2xPlatinum
1979 "Bustin' Out of L Seven" Platinum
1979 "Fire It Up" Gold
1980 "Garden of Love" Gold
1981 "Street Songs" 3x Platinum
1982 "Throwin' Down" Gold
1983 "Cold Blooded" Gold
1985 "Glow"
1986 "The Flag"
"Rick James and Friends"

Teena Marie
1979 "Wild and Peaceful" LP - Charted Top 100 on Billboard
The Tempatations
1982 "Reunion" LP - Charted #2 Billboard
Eddie Murphy
1985 "Party All the Time" - Charted #2 on Billboard
The Mary Jane Girls
1986 "Mary Jane Girls" - Charted #6 US R&B
1985 "Only For You" - Charted #5 US R&B

As individual recording artists, many, many more.... To date - ALL these albums and their top singles get air play...



Grammy and American Music Award Winning… Platinum and Gold Record Producing… Considered by many of their peers, as being one of the greatest live performing Funk/Rock Bands to ever hit a stage! …An adrenaline rush of pure unabashed raw energy!! The Original Stone City Band is ready to “Fire Up That Funk!!”

Formed in 1978, by The King of Punk Funk, Rick James, The Original Stone City Band served as Rick's exclusive recording and touring band from the beginning and through the height of his career. They were responsible for cranking out the memorable sounds to timeless hits such as “You and I”, “Super Freak”, “Mary Jane”, “Bustin’ Out”, “Ghetto Life”, “Fire and Desire”, The Temptations’ “Standing on the Top”, The Mary Jane Girls’ “All Night Long”, “Boys”, “In My House” and many, many more.

This legendary band not only have released their own albums under Motown's Gordy Label, but for more than two decades, have provided the sounds that have been heard on recordings and tours with Rick James, MC Hammer, Teena Marie, The Temptations, Eddie Murphy, The Mary Jane Girls, Smokey Robinson, New Edition and Bobby Brown just to name a few.

Their musical performances can be seen on The Grammy’s, The American Music and Soul Train Awards, as well as appearances on the Arsenio Hall, Tonight with Jay Leno and Lopez Tonight Shows, Saturday Night Live, Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve, and many more. Countless samplings are used by many of today’s Hip Hop artists. On any given day, you can watch a TV commercial or listen to your Radio and you will hear that distinctive signature sound of Rick James’ Original Stone City Band. …Pulsating bass lines and irresistible rhythms!!

The Original Stone City Band is made up of original Motown and Gordy recording, producing and touring musicians Lanise Hughes, Tom McDermott, Nate Guido Hughes, Levi Ruffin (although not pictured, he has returned) and Billy Nunn; joined by Jimmy Ali (formerly of Motown, P-Funk and Brothers Ali), Eddie Fluellen (formerly of Switch); along with Randall “R-2” Bostick, Sheli Casana and Mark Love Gonsalves (former background for Rick James) on lead vocals and background vocals.

Along with their hits "Ladies Choice", "Strut Your Stuff", "Freaky" and others; a portion of the show pays a beautifully produced tribute to the late Rick James and Teena Marie with hits such as “Bustin’ Out", “Ghetto Life", "Superfreak", "Mary Jane", "Fire and Desire" and much more. The crowds love the show and coming out in numbers! Time to FUNK'n'ROLL!!