The Original Three

The Original Three


The Original Three plays stripped down rock 'n' roll. They have a raw, snotty sound with a tribal backbeat. Truly a great band.


The Original Three is a three- piece rocknroll band from uptown New Orleans. They have been together since June 2002, and have played numerous shows in the New Orleans area. The band has a good solid fanbase, and work hard to showcase their music to others. The Original Three are planning a tour of the U.S. for summer 2003. The band has been compared to The Oblivians from Memphis, TN. The music is a blend of rocknroll, punk rock, and blues. Influences include, but are not limited to: The Cramps, The Gories, The Rolling Stones, The Oblivians, and others. The Original Three web-site is at


1. menage a trois- 6 song CD recorded in Memphis, TN at Transmission Studio
2. Songs From The Basement- a compilation of New Orleans music produced by Tulane University, track #7- It Shows
The Original Three have also been interviewed on 91.5 WTUL, are played on the same radio station several times a day
4. Watch for a new recording in June 2003!

Set List

The set list usually consists of about 8 out of the 15 songs that we have. Our next show, Monday May 5th, the set list is: 1. You're Mine 2. It Shows 3. A Couple of Things 4. The Line 5. Something Sexy 6. Night Out 7. Good Enough No More 8. It's Not What You're Thinking, Baby
Sometimes the band plays covers, which include: Sovereignty Flight- The Gories, Steam Roller- The Adicts, Get Outta My Life- The Dwarves