The Ori Naftaly Band

The Ori Naftaly Band


"If this is what blues is like in Israel, we want more! This is a solid album that is full of texture, soul, and righteous blues. Bring this album home today, throw on a good set of headphones, and get lost in it. You won’t regret it."
American Blues Scene


The Ori Naftaly Band is the Best Israeli Blues Act for 2013.

In a very short time this extremely talented band has gained international recognition and support by the international blues community and by an extended fan base, located in the USA, Holland, India, Germany and other countries all over the world.

Within the course of two years The Ori Naftaly Band has twice toured the United States and the Netherlands, won the Israeli Blues Challenge Competition, and was the first Israeli band ever to have reached the Semi-Finals of the International Blues Competition (IBC) in Memphis, Tennessee. They have released two live studio albums and are currently working on their third new album. Their upcoming third USA tour is scheduled for the fall of 2013.

From the very beginning of its performing career and with the release of its first album, The Ori Naftaly Band has won awards which placed the band in the same category as some of the best known blues rock artists in the world, notably 'Best Blues Album in 2012' by

"Happy for Good" is the band's second album. It features a mix of styles including electric blues, funk, rock and soul. With the release of the album in May of 2013, The Ori Naftaly Band was immediately invited to the United States for a six-week tour to promote their new CD and to perform in many well-known venues throughout the country. Just one month after its release, the album reached number four in the International Blues Radio Airplay Charts, and maintained fourth place for three consecutive weeks.

Ori Naftaly – founder, producer, composer and lead guitarist of the band – has been leading and managing the band since November 2011, together with songwriter, composer and lead vocalist, Eleanor Tsaig. Their album "Happy for Good" conveys the band's journey since the beginning of its activity.

The Ori Naftaly Band began playing in November 2011 and after a year's performing and touring all over Israel, they flew to the Netherlands in Sept. 2012 for a three-week tour.

On their return home, they participated in and won the Israeli Blues Competition, which granted their participation in the IBC at Memphis, Tennessee. Two months later the band flew to Memphis and represented Israel among 200 other bands from all over the world. The Ori Naftaly Band is the first Israeli band to have been voted into the IBC Semi-Finals, and was the band which sold the largest number of CDs at the Memphis competition. After completing the competition the band flew to Chicago for a short tour and performed at several local, historic and well-known blues venues.

Immediately after returning home from their first U.S. tour, the band wasted no time and got right back into the studio. They began recording their second album "Happy for Good" which contains exclusively original material, all written and composed by Naftaly and Tsaig. Recording and production continued for a month and a half, and with the album's release, they flew to the USA for their second tour. During this six-week journey The Ori Naftaly Band had 14 performances, including the historic Levitt Shell in Memphis (where Elvis Presley gave his first paid concert in 1954) and the Winchester Blues Festival. This tour has immensely expanded the band's exposure and American fan base.

On their way home the band has stopped off for another short run in the Netherlands in August of 2013. They are currently in the throes of booking their upcoming USA Fall Tour as well as writing and composing new materials for their upcoming album, due to be released in 2014.


Debut Album: A True Friend (Is Hard to Find) - 2012
Second Album: Happy For Good - 2013