The Orsons

The Orsons


A classic and jarring look at life utilizing the devices of folk, bluegrass and southern rock. Three distinct song writers embody a creative landscape of hope, failure and truth.


Three songwriters from three different backgrounds converge to form an amalgamation of lyrical imagery, instrumental sensitivity, and heartfelt performance. Tex Santos, Chris Steude, and Chas Willimon arrived upon each other sharing the same connections with the others' music; and found in each other the muse needed to produce something both spontaneous and poignant. Chris Steude unleashes his unending stream of creative song production. Tex Santos brings his gift for overarching and relevant imagery to the table. The Chas adds instrumental meat and lyrical wit. Combined, the Orsons strive to compliment each others' styles and produce something truly worthwhile.


The Orsons ( 2008 )

Set List

(Original Music)
Ain't No Better World A-Commin'
I'm So Tired
John Hentry
Covered In Oil
Red House
Out at Impact
Brand New Jail
Jimmy and the Pistol
Space Monkey
Speak the Truth
Brilliant Mistake
White Water

(Possible Covers)
Dink's Song ( Dylan )
Wagon Wheel ( Old Crow Medicine Show )
Screen Door ( Uncle Tupelo )
Red House

Sets can be adjusted for any time slot from 30 mins to 2 hours as required