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The Orwells

Elmhurst, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Elmhurst, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Orwells - Mallrats (La La La)"

Not gonna lie - this is guilty pleasure. It’s simply so over-the-top you can’t possibly take it seriously, but go ahead - get sucked into the slacker mall party. Punk rock - the only escape from suburbia for suburban kids?

Directed by Eddie O’KEEFE. Nab that single right here or trade yr Orange Julius for the whole Remember When LP. - yvynyl

"The Orwells: “All the Cool Kids” (New LP, Remember When, Out 10/28)"

The Orwells begin their 3rd LP, Remember When with angelic choir harmonies. If you’ve heard anything from these Elmhurst garage punks prior to reading that statement, you know why that’s funny. It doesn’t take long for them to cut through the irony and go into a quick recording of the shower scene from Psycho.

When “All the Cool Kids” actually begins, they deliver a fuzzy Stooges-style, good old-fashioned peer pressure sing along. Singer, Mario Cuomo, yells, “Just hit it. All the cool kids did it.” And just like that, peer pressure never sounded so good. The Orwells never sounded so good either. I made a comment when I first heard their last LP, Oh! Well that, although I loved the album for what it was, I felt that ”Righteous One” was the only tune the band took the time to make it as good as it really could be. “All the Cool Kids, ” the whole new LP for that matter has that same nurtured sound to it while still keeping it just as sloppy as they want it to be. - Pops n' Robbers

"Arrowhead Vintage: The Orwells"

I enjoyed watching these guys in Austin at the Aquarium Drunkard day party. Someone told me they were 16? Someone else told me SXSW was their first show outside of Chicago? Whether these things are true or not, they were a blast, and I can't wait to see where they go. - Arrowhead Vintage

"Thursday Tunage: The Orwells"

“Five delinquent suburban kids from Chicago who can’t legally buy a pack of smokes have crafted the best album of the year.” - Thalia Surf

"The Orwells - Halloween All Year"

The Orwells are a band hailing from the suburbs of Chicago. They recently released their third album, Remember When.

A track that really stood out to me is “Halloween All Year” an awe inspired epic jam that calls to mind a mix of Edward Sharpe and The Horrors. It’s got a big heart and kinds of ambition. It’s a song that would sound right late at night after you’ve had a few, when you’re desperate and hungry enough to go get what you’ve been searching for.

If Halloween sounded like this, it would be fine to make it a year long holiday. - We All Want Someone to Shout For

"New Band Smell: The Orwells"

The Orwells are some young rockers from suburban Chicago. Maybe not be as young as these promo shots suggest, but young all the same. I don’t have much to go on with these guys, but it’s pretty impressive how quickly their sound is maturing and evolving. Compare the stuff on their MySpace page to their most recent full-length, Oh! Well to the song and video for Under The Flowers, and you can’t help but be impressed at how quickly they’ve graduated from the garage to an Explosions In The Sky meets Led Zeppelin in Memphis sorta thing.
- My Old Kentucky Blog


Head LP (2009)
Oh! Well LP (2010)

Remember When LP (2012 - Autumn Tone Records)

Who Needs You (single - 2012)
Southern Comfort (unreleased single - 2012)



The Orwells started in the basement of Mr. O’s house, these five shit heads got sick of eating sandwiches and painting shit then watching it dry, and thought hey, lets do something with our lives! and then they thought nah… lets just start a band. so all the orwells quit the football team (because the only reason they joined was to get laid, but they decided they’d do just as good if they were in a band) bought some instruments and started to break other peoples microphones live. Now they live in basements. failure to launch? lets sit back and see.