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Brisbane's Theory Of Value are a band on the cusp of new horizons, new adventures and a brand new three-track EP. TMN caught up with their skin-basher Mark to find out more.

Tell us a bit about how Theory Of Value
got together?

"I guess you could say the beginning saw
Beau and Mark jamming covers together
in a garage with a few other friends, which
was over six years ago now. We eventually
decided to take things a bit more seriously
by writing our own music and trying
to settle on a line-up that was heading in
the same direction. Our close friend Ross
became part of the band soon after we
began our search for a bass player. In fact,
all three of us were friends and attended
the same high school but for some reason
never thought to make anything of it until
after we graduated. We spent the next few
years writing songs and playing live as a
three-piece but were never really satisfied
with the overall sound, so decided to fill
the void by adding a second guitarist. We
stumbled upon Adam from an ad in a local
music magazine and only had the one
jam with him before realising that we had
found exactly what we were after. Although
the history goes back a few years, we all
agree that Theory Of Value only properly
formed in July 2007, when we finally had a
line-up and an overall sound that we were
happy with."

How would you describe your music?

"We would have to say rock with a dash
of punk, pop and alternative. We always
get stumped on this one. Have a listen and
make up your own mind."

Are there any plans for the band to
record in the near future?

"We have recently completed a three-track
EP that will be available within the next
month. That aside, we have already begun
planning and writing new songs for our
next recording project which we have expectations
to start in March next year."

What is the best thing about playing

"The energy, excitement and fun of it all.
There is nothing like getting on stage
and just letting loose after having spent
so many hours jamming to no one in a
garage. It’s extremely satisfying when you
finish your set and people compliment you
on your music and performance. It’s then
when you realise that all the hard work is
actually worth it."

What does the future hold for Theory Of

"Well, the next few months will see us
playing more live shows. We have had a
bit of a break after finishing the recording
but we are all keen to get back into it now.
A major goal, without a doubt, would be to
one day tour internationally, and play our
music live to audiences everywhere. We
all love music and would like to share our
own version of it with as many people as
possible." - The Music Network


Brisbane based original rock band 'Theory of Value' released their debut EP in 2008 and 2 Single tracks in 2009 that have current radio play on 4zzz 102.1 Brisbane local radio.

Single Release:
-2009 'One Hand' (5.27)
-2009 'Fade' (5.17)

CD Release:
-2008 ‘Theory of Value’ Self Titled Deput 3 Track EP.

Track List:
-Mhaark (2.26)
-Perfect Picture (4.11)
-Crooked Ground (3.08)

All songs to date have been Engineered and Mixed by Jared Doevendans at Tremor Studios, Pottsville, New South Wales.
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios, Manhattan, New York City.
Produced by Jared Doevendans & Theory of Value.



Brisbane based rock band Theory of Value began showcasing their material live to venues throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia, in early 2006 with its founding members Beau Roffey, Ross Gant and Mark Rasmussen. In 2007, the band added second guitarist, Adam Bickford, whilst still gigging at venues including The Hard Rock Café, The Miami Shark Bar, The Living Room, The Alley Bar, Rosies and The Red Room, and performing at events such as the Australian Youth Week 2008.

“Theory of Value have performed at two events held by the Logan PCYC. Aimed at young people, TOV showed what professional and dedicated performers they are, and served as fantastic role models to other young people attending the events. They clearly demonstrated that they are reliable, punctual, and a great crew to work with. We are happy to recommend them to anyone and will definitely be asking them back.”

Michele Venables, Projects Officer, Youth Week, 2008.

In 2008, Theory of Value entered the studio, teaming up with Jared Doevendans to co-produce their first 3-track demo at Tremor Studios, Pottsville, New South Wales, Australia. The final product was mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studios, Manhattan, New York City, USA.

“Tight, professional and creative band that produces songs with solid structure, musical arrangement and a hook to remember. A real pleasure to work with.”

Jared Doevendans, Tremor Studios, 2008.

Theory of Value has aspirations of performing in concert and touring internationally, bringing its original rock music to audiences everywhere.