Theo Soul

Theo Soul


The Prince of R&G (Rythem & Gospel) A message of lyrical melodies set to R&B track. Theo Soul sounds as good as the CD weather behind the piano singing behind tracks or just accappella.


Theo Soul weaves intimate tales of his own triumphs, trials and continuing transformation into the man of God he is being led to be. Touching on topics as varied as divorce and self-discovery, dealing with criticism and judgmental individuals (" U Don't Know Me"), and even thoughts of suicide ("Six Reasons to Live"), THEO feels he has struck a chord with listeners yearning to hear the reflection of their own thoughts in spiritual music.

With the first single buzzing radio this summer, THEO is primed to blast off from a platform that has taken years to build. Singing since the age of five, he his buttery vocal has shared the stage with numerous luminaries in the industry, such as John P. Kee, Brian McKnight, Brandy, and Yolanda Adams. No slouch on the guitar or piano, he penned all of the tunes on his forthcoming indie release "The Life, The Walk, The Music" and is already gearing up to produce projects for fellow up-and-coming acts Shannan Simmon and Room 120.
It's clear to see that THEO, the firstborn son of a minister, is fully comfortable in the spotlight. But he wants people to know that it isn't simply for show or self-glorification. His story is being told for a divine purpose, and is meant to lead others to the sort of peace and happiness, that he now experiences. His talents as a producer, songwriter, arranger, and instrumentalist mean nothing without the stories he tells in the name of Someone Greater.


No Love

Written By: Michael T. Simms

Verse 1
It’s been a while, said I need a change
Stepped inside a holy place
Eyes looking at me with, No Love
Did not expect this, The negativity
No understanding, Judging, So I get, No Love

Why you hatin’ on me
Playing with me
Stop messing with me
Need help you see
‘Cause I get, No Love
When my spirit’s up
You try to bring me down
Doing everything to turn my life around
‘cause I get no love

Verse 2

Can’t let it get to me, need victory over some things
No matter what they say to me, No Love
I’m gonna move on, Not looking back now
Gotta Keep my life on track, oh
No Love

Looking forward I won’t fear
And you know
I Feel so good inside this is the way to go
Lord you touched my soul
And I know
Now you’ve brought me here
You never let me go

Said you came into my life
Made everything alright
Need you by my side , Oh Lord
You turned my life around
Never let me down
Need you as my guide, Oh Lord


No Love
2 Heaven
Love me today
6 Reasons

Set List

Made A Choice
Let U Go
No Love
2 Heaven
Love me today
6 Reasons