The Otchkies
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The Otchkies


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Singles- Aleathea
- Psychics Ring



Elijah Shadows, Jack Buxton, Lazerus Otchkie and Angus Russell forming the bonds of trust alliance all for one together and ‘in-to’ this here thing being ridden up up up up up UP UP HOO-YEEEP UP. Back in sweet sunny January of 2011 on Elijahs’ folks macadamia ranch (sweet hills) they gathered under the wilful influence of late 1960 or so psychedelic blues magicians;

Kim Fowley, Green Fuzz, The Fugs, The Clockwork Orange, William Penn & His Pals, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds, Country Joe & The Fish, The Chocolate Watchband, Gracey’ Slick & The Great Society, The Velvet Underground, Dave Davies slide, The Dovers, B. Jones bent wailing C major, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Electric Prunes, House of Nimrod, The Deep, Jefferson Handkerchief, Eric Burdon, MONKEES, George Harrison slide, Manzarek, The Sonics, Standells & The Who.

Elijah, Angus & Lazerus on the recent return from their quest of enlightenment to Ceylon and the pearl of the Indian Ocean. It was there in the Kandy Mountains and fog-dawn skies of NOW that ‘The Otchkies’ came to be so. The huuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm of the sitar in the hot air sari silks and gowns, hash smoke in the inner circle smoke haze. Then Jack Buxton blew in from Santa Barbara art school like a cool-breeze and in the stare of Allah’s burning glare way back up on the orchard the four otchkies (okies so..) dug the blues long and cool. Days and days and days and magic mushroom field-days and days of ‘the groove’ and the first show by April really swinging.
The Otchkies are a sojourn travel through the sound galleries of the mind. Taking you from here to up with ‘hip’ ‘pop’ ‘blues’ ‘psychedelic’ dance music fit for anyone and everyone who wants to fall to the trip. THE OTCHKIES are a musical performance spectacle of colour and oil-light, the flower children of NOW, the poetic deliverers of the ‘hip’ word of today.

It is a fact that a drunken bohemian poet named ‘the Hawk’ when riding the highs of the dread LSD always opens an OTCHKIE show with the latest word - so as to set the incense moods of the crowds minds fit to be busted bare.

The four have recently moved further south to the yellow meadow commune up paradise hills Stokers Siding NSW Northern Rivers where they await the inevitable psychedelic revolution in constant preparation of the chance to EXPOSE.