The Other Brothers

The Other Brothers

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

The Other Brothers blend the simplicity of Simon and Garfunkel, with the minimalistic edge of alt-country. They are storytellers and songsmiths, playful and authentic, telling tales of strangers they've met on prairie fields and city streets.


After being labeled “The Simon and Garfunkel of the Prairies” by CBC radio, and subsequently releasing their debut album to a sold-out crowd at the Park Theatre (Winnipeg, 2009), the Other Brothers firmly rooted themselves in the prairie folk music scene.

Since its release, Points of View has captured a growing audience. The Brothers -- Chris Neufeld and Donovan Giesbrecht -- are regularly featured on CBC radio, CFAM, and campus stations CKUW and UMFM, where they charted in the top ten throughout the summer months, including a #1 listing for 3 consecutive weeks (UMFM).

Their live performances tap into the core of the folk music tradition: simplicity, authenticity, harmony, and humour. They are crafty storytellers and mindful songwriters, delivering memorable melodies that leave audiences wanting more.

Chris's earlier solo career met a similar reception. After being featured on CBC radio's Culture Shock, and sharing the stage with the likes of Fred Eaglesmith and Nathan, Chris's first full length album, Colorado Low, ranked #1 for three weeks on the UMFM campus charts, and was later selected by the station as one of the top ten albums of 2005. Those who have heard Chris live—whether on stage at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Brandon Folk Music and Arts Festival, or the West End Cultural Centre—will agree with Jo Snyder of Stylus Magazine: "His is one of the most alluring voices I have ever heard."

Prior to the Other Brothers, Donovan's supporters were more likely to see him promoting other Manitoban talents than seeking attention for himself. Donovan was a founding member of Manitoba's Mennofolk Festival, now a thriving annual event celebrating young talent within the Mennonite community. In 2007, he sang background vocals on Cara Luft's The Light Fantastic—her first project since her involvement with The Wailin' Jennys—and he continues to contribute to her live concerts. Still, over the years, solo performances at the Back Forty Folk Festival, Academy Coffee Company, and the West End Cultural Centre have kept audiences loyal and waiting for more.

In a genre dominated by the solo singer-songwriter, the Other Brothers are set apart by the natural blend of their vocals and the maturity of their arrangements, and are quickly being recognized as “one of the better bands of their genre” (Stylus Magazine, October 2009).


Other Brothers Lyrics

Written By: The Other Brothers


I will sleep in the sunshine light
Like a baby at peace despite
Everyday is a Sunday afternoon
The winter is coming soon
There’s a shadow in every room

You take aim, and start again, into the right time
Dispel your shame, into the wind, into the right time

I will walk all the way cross town
Till my bearings are upside down
A better day, on a Monday afternoon
Middle June, feel immune
There’s a shadow in every room

SUIT AND TIE (Neufeld)

You spend your money on your precious feet
Your holidays on wall street, every one
Footprints in the concrete
You set your sights so high they’re over the moon
And if the drunkometer reads real high
That’s a cramp on your real influential style

I can see the revolution
Back and forth inside of everyone
The poison in your great solution
Is in believing in your papa’s platoon
And in the water all of the boats are sunk
Like the crazy changed from folky to a punk

Like the window in my room, separate my ol’ faded sigh
You can be within my reign, liberating suit and tie

Always with that solid grin
You barely show yourself then back again
Always tellin’ stolen stories
Content in Hollywoodland, over the moon
You say that I can fix my car
A logician credo properly bizarre

Like the window in my room, separate my ol’ faded sigh
You can be within my reign, liberating suit and tie
Keep the rabid hounds at bay, settle in and say a prayer
Gets you ready for the day, feather back your transplant hair

Scarily you hide your vengeful stare…

I can see the revolution
Back and forth inside of everyone

PROGRESS (Giesbrecht)

I’m a simple man
Always lived on prairie land
Tilled the earth since I was a kid
Just like my daddy did
But times have changed my friend
This little farm just might see its end
Mortgages and equipment debt
The ups and downs of a free market

Some call that progress
Some call that a better way to live
Some call that progress

I’m a company man
I work down at the factory plant
Lost my farm ten years ago
Wife and I couldn’t make it go
Sometimes I wonder when
I’ll be replaced again
By some new machine
That does my job more efficiently

I’m a learned man
I live in a modern land
Face the world through a computer screen
Rarely touch the outdoor green
Success was never far from me
I’ve been blessed with opportunity
But there’s no time for rest or play
At the end of my business day

With our compasses in hand
We search for our promise land
But on arrival we discover that there isn’t much to see

SECOND WIND (Giesbrecht)

Ashley Keats she was only sixteen
But she drank until her guts would bleed
She didn’t care for nothing, she had lost all hope
Kept a gun for her head and a knife for her throat
She was lying awake late and alone
When the river of love started flowing
She said…

My second wind
My second wind
It’s coming, I can feel it, rising up from deep within

Jamie said to Sara as they sat by the bar
She said “Sara do you know who your true friends are?”
She laughed for a moment, took a sip of her drink
Said: “I never really had true friends I don’t think”
But she had years of sadness, months of pain
When the spirit started whispering Sara’s name
She said…

I heard not long ago there was a time when
The letter of the law strained out every sin
And it stoned the harlot let the leper bleed
Split the saint from the sinner and the dirty from the clean
Then love started turning water into wine and telling the wise to be born a second time

With a second wind
A second wind
It’s coming, I can feel it, rising up from deep within

My head was spinning I was seeing stars
Calling your name out in the dark
Gave the devil my flesh but he took my soul
And he buried it down deep in a dark hole
I was down for the count I had lost my breath
When a warm gentle breeze woke me from my death


Sarah she cries incessantly, there is no underneath
Since the day that she found his old diary epitaph
Full of photographs of the day that he said
“There’s nothing bad ahead, we’ll build a fort of afghans that your grandma made over there.
And then we never will pretend, trading points of view”

Gary he’s standing strong and tall, He’s back in Montreal
And the days are long reminding himself of the sacrifice, cause he loves Jesus Christ
He’s folding his hands
He’s just a country man trying to ignore the days torn
Man again born in his mind
Never to rewind, trading points of view

Orchestrate the day the soul was crowned
Separate to find your higher ground

Sarah’s back home in her wedding gown, she’s fighting back a frown
On the day Gary’s driving his old rusty pickup Ford
He’s angry at the Lord, And the day that he said
“There’s nothing bad ahead, we’ll build a fort of afghans that your grandma made over there. And then, we never will pretend, trading points of view”.


The Other Brothers - Points of View (2009)
Chris Neufeld - Colorado Low (2005)

Set List

A typical set list includes the 10 tracks from The Other Brothers debut recording "Points of View." Covers by Simon and Garfunkel, The Jayhawks, and Springsteen often round out the performance. Set list is flexible depending on the context. Both Neufeld and Giesbrecht are open to solo workshop perfomances.