The Other Element

The Other Element

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Other Element is a Progressive Rock Fusion trio from suburban Philadelphia playing original, instrumental music. Think progressive rock, 70's jazz/fusion and old-school funk with a thick guitar sound, serious grooves and long, improvised jams.


Hitting the ground like lightning, The Other Element is one of the most exciting original instrumental rock bands to strike the Philadelphia music scene in a long time.

The Other Element specializes in sophisticated instrumental rock fusion. The group features guitarist Marcel Debbaudt, bassist John Henderson and drummer Steve Serdikoff who first played together in 1993. They lost contact with John until the Summer of 2006, when Marcel 'Googled' him and they picked right up where they left off. They got together to re-record much of the songs they had played back then and decided to release them as their debut EP, "Blue Mustard". They decided to go out and play these songs and new jams live. Their first gig was in Dec. 2006 and they haven't looked back and are making quite a name for themselves on the Philly scene.

The Other Element jams hard but is not just another jam band. In local music circles they are quickly becoming known as ”musician’s musicians”. As individuals, each player brings over 20 years of experience to the stage and studio. With prior adventures in jazz fusion, funk, progressive rock, blues, R&B, hard rock and metal, they could each go off in different directions and still woo crowds, drop jaws and turn heads. However, as a unit, their collective influences blend to create music that offers listeners the best of many genres.

Drawing on their strong influences from greats such as Joe Satriani, Neil Peart and Stanley Clarke, The Other Element is able to weave their eclectic styles into a range of diverse musical concepts that appeal to anyone who’s got a strong sense of rhythm, appreciates fine musicianship and needs to try something different.

The Other Element’s original material is defined by lyrical guitar lines, syncopated rhythms and tight grooves that are reminiscent of the jazz rock fusion that was made popular by groups such as Weather Report, Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Brand X.

The Other Element, however, adds raw power and a modern edge that captures the attention of today’s most selective aficionados without alienating fans of more contemporary rock and roll, jazz and popular music.

In addition to their originals, The Other Element’s live performances are likely to include spellbinding interpretations of cover songs from acts that range from Hendrix and Stanley Clarke and Rush to Satriani and Stevie Wonder.

From rock to jazz to funk and all that is in between…if there is a groove…The Other Element will find it. Find them, and preview songs from their debut 7-song EP, “Blue Mustard” by visiting their myspace site at

The Other Element is currently not signed to a contract with a record label, studio, promoter or venue and are free to explore any and all options.


"Blue Mustard" - Self-produced debut 7-song EP (2007)

Our first single 'X and O' is currently playing on internet radio at

The second single 'Step On It' is currently in rotation on

Available for download on our MySpace page. CDs also sold at shows.

Recorded & Engineered by Steve Serdikoff
Produced and Mixed by Marcel Debbaudt

Set List

Our sets usually include our EP in its entirety, along with newer originals and long improvised jams. We have 2 full sets of music (about an hour and a half). We also throw in a great cover or two, depending on the set length. We cover some Stanley Clarke, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Beck, P-Funk, Rush, Herbie Hancock....