The Other Europeans

The Other Europeans

 Weimar, Thuringia, DEU

The Greatest Klezmer/Lautar Band Ever: The Other Europeans is an international supergroup of 14 Yiddish and Roma virtuosi playing music that restores and extends a centuries-old shared musical culture based in pre-War Bessarabia before being torn apart by war, holocaust and immigration.


The Other Europeans is 14 international klezmer & lautari stars from Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, France, England & the USA. Its roots are the unique, multi-ethnic Yiddish/Roma music of pre-war Bessarabia. A rare marriage of ethnography, virtuosity & creativity, founded in 2008 with EU support, the band has headlined festivals in Europe & America, including Krakow, Vienna, Copenhagen, Toronto & Montreal. Creator/director Alan Bern is joined by Petar Ralchev, Kalman Balogh, Matt Darriau, Paul Brody and more, winner of the EC Best Practice in Favor of the Roma Community Award, 1st prize for intercultural music, German Music Council.


"Almost Bootleg" to be released on the Kikiyon label in 2011

Track 14 on the 2011 The Rough Guide to Klezmer

Set List

We typically play two sets consisting of suites combining Yiddish and Roma music and lasting from 6-15 minutes each, but we can also play a single set concert.