The Other Guys

The Other Guys

 Waycross, Georgia, USA

The Other Guys is a band comprised of teenagers originating from different musical backgrounds. Because of this, their original music contains a great level of personality and uniqueness uncommon in bands their age. The band exhibits a high entertainment value, often surprising audiences.


The Other Guys' five members, like most kids growing up, all had reoccurring desires throughout childhood to be musicians. When given the chance to join middle school concert band, they all took the opportunity and later became classically trained musicians.

Over time, their interests wandered and the future members decided to try out other instruments and try their hand at music composition.

While in high school, Caleb, Tyler, Connor, Jacob, and Jody played instruments such as the saxophone, timpani, tuba, and trumpet. Outside of school, however, they played instruments like the bass, guitar, drums, and piano. In addition, they all had a passion for singing.

The styles they played on their instruments were unique as well. The members come from backgrounds in rock, pop, jazz, bluegrass, and R&B

The Other Guys is the brainchild of drummer Connor Griffin. The idea is to fuse together different playing styles and bring in uncommon influences rock music.

On stage, they not only play, but perform. The Other Guys often strive to surprise by not only playing original interpretations of old songs or playing unique original material, but by giving the audience an unforgettable experience.

Set List

All My Loving
Fade Away
Mary Jane's Last Dance
I'm So Near
Light My Fire
Come Together
Our Mother the Mountain
Dancing in the Moonlight
Fell in Love with a Girl
Time of the Season
Masquerade in the Sky
Day Tripper
Rhoade to Freedom
Folsom Prison Blues
Pimping Triplets
House of the Rising Sun