The Other Half

The Other Half



Originally coming together in the summer of ’05 through a number of auditions for then teenage solo artist Leslie Carter, the members of THE OTHERHALF had just simply intended on musically backing the middle sister of world renowned recording artists Nick (Backstreet Boys) and Aaron Carter.

Little did they realize that Leslie wanted something more then a pre-fabricated attempt at a PG-13 solo career, the standard from which she had grown. Her previous attempts included a hit song, ‘Like Wow’, on the first Shrek movie soundtrack and a major US record deal with DreamWorks – all at the delicate age of 13. This ultimately led to a huge falling out that left Leslie’s career and childhood shattered and spiraling downwards behind the shadows of her brothers’ success.

A need for something with more depth to express the darker, welling emotions of a misunderstood upbringing brought the demand for further exploring these issues with the people most constant in her life; her live band members - songwriter/drummer Mike Ashton, keyboardist DJ Porter, and with a stellar group of player’s who back the trio.

As misleading management would come and go THE OTHERHALF would take charge of the situation and adopt a DIY mentality. The songwriting eventually began to reflect the band’s turbulent environment, bringing forth honest, raw emotions and songs that would focus on the taboo subjects that surrounded them.

Since showcasing the act on the E! Channel’s hit reality TV drama “House of Carters”, The OTHERHALF have refined and matured as a band.

THE OTHERHALF is sticking to the vision - leaving behind the naysayers and all their pre-conceptions – and bringing their engaging form of modern rock Anthems to the masses around the world no matter what it takes.

Rob Rapiti