The Otherside

The Otherside


Dark indie shoegaze and psychedelic... ride meets interpol... the stone roses meets bloc party... red wine and stella artois... mmm delicious.


we love... darkness and fuzz, and red wine, and beautiful people, and the word filthy, and hot dogs with shrimp salad, and lambretta rides, and guitars with pedals, and more red wine, and anthems with huge obvious endings, and people that care, but bands that don’t, and dogs, and champagne cocktails, and books with the last page ripped out, and dylan’s pub (rip), and long words that make you sound smart, and short words that make you sound smarter...
...and cooking food, and drummers, lots of drummers, and stella artois, and spain, and dancing, with all of your body moving at once, and late nights, and early mornings, and cheese, which reminds you of more red wine, and vintage cars with leaks, and forgetting names but remembering faces, and old furniture, and fashion, especially shoes, and cold foggy weather, and moving forward, and spray painted t-shirts, and islands in the south pacific, and bleedin heart tree huggin liberals, and irish whiskey, and curry fries, mmm that sounds good, and delay pedals, and making videos, and cold pint glasses, working hard at hardly working, and never ending lists… of things…


Dead Trees -- full length cd (2006)
lovely -- double a-side cd (2006)

Set List

All Original Material
set lengths vary by show reqs.