The Other Side

The Other Side


The Other Side is a five-person acoustic unit, but will often feature a sixth person on the banjo. The group brings a fresh approach to an acoustic sound that honors the roots of their music which includes Americana, folk, swing, and jazz all fused together with a bluegrass attitude.

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Set List

Samples of our typically sets for a 2 - 2 1/2 hour show are listed below. Our shows are organized into 1-hour sets and typically include 14 songs consisting of a mix of originals, original arrangements and covers.

Set 1

1. On A Bad Day
2. Ordinary Town
3. Thinking of You – Original
4. Tomorrow Night
5. Blues Stay Away from Me -
6. Sin & Forgiveness –Original
7. Phantom Doll
8. Wash Away Your Worries – Original
9. Bewildered
10. Deliver Me – Original
11. Moving on
12. Colleen Malone
13. One Dream – Original
14. One Voice -


1. How Can I Want More - Original
2. Wayfaring Stranger
3. Cattle in the Cane
4. Too Soon to Tell
5. Walls of Time
6. Shady Grove/EMD
7. December – Original
8. Bury Me Beneath The Willow – Traditional
9. You Were There for Me
10. I’ve Endured
11. Midnight Moonlight
12. Pilgram
13. When you Come Back Down
14. Life’s a Freeway