The Otherside (WE'VE MOVED!)

The Otherside (WE'VE MOVED!)


We recently changed our name from The Otherside to CALL TO CADENCE. New name and new music! Check out our NEW EPK here:


Welcome and thank you for checking out our EPK!

We recently changed our name from The Otherside to CALL TO CADENCE and will no longer be using this EPK. Please visit our new EPK here:

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As you read this you're thinking "Why the heck did they change their name???" Well the reason we decided to change it was to make it easier for you all to find us on the web with easier URLs to remember for our homepage, facebook, myspace, etc. (we had different addresses for every site with our old name).

Here are the new sites to bookmark in your browsers (don't forget to become a fan on any of the sites as well!):

* Official Homepage:

* Facebook:

* MySpace:

* Twitter:

* YouTube: (Check out our new video for "Evil Woman")

* iLike:

* Reverbnation:

* BlogSpot:

* Sonicbids:

There! Pretty easy to remember hey? ;-) Check out the new sites when you have a chance, become a fan, and send us feedback. We love to hear from our fans!


Call To Cadence (formerly The Otherside)


We've changed our name! Please check out our discography at:

Set List

We've moved! Check out our new set list at our new EPK: