The Other Thing

The Other Thing


instant tunes. honest lies.


In May 2001, Evan answered a call for help and The Other Thing was. Briefly a foursome, they slimmed down to a twosome. Their first cd, The A-Bomb-A-Nation, was released in April 2003, somehow charting at #27 in Canada. September brought a gig with Damo Suzuki (ex-Can) and a birthday party. In May, 2004 the full-length Tumbleweeds was released.

In past lives, George played with The Terminal Sunglasses, Captain Crunch and Let's Do Lunch. Evan manned moog with Woozlebug/Quim Gremlin and Arhanta. They respectively host Pure Pop for Twisted People and suburban soundlab on CKUT. They create what exists and it is for once.


2001 - The A-Bomb-A-Nation full length cd, #27 in Canada, Earshot July 2003. Bad Common Sense ep released for Distroboto at same time.

May 2004 - Tumbleweeds full-length cd & unnamed Distroboto mini-cd

January 2005 - 3rd cd to come

Set List

We have no plans. We play music. Sometimes we play covers like Pleasent Valley Sunday, Blank Generation, Louie Louie, maybe The Smiths, or The Stooges. Or Randy Bachman. Or Klaus Schultze. Or we play instant originals like How Will I Love You When You Won't Go Away and Do The A-Bomb. Our sets last 30-90 minutes. We like video. And costumes. And dancers.