The Otto Modest
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The Otto Modest

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | SELF

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | SELF
Band Alternative EDM


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An interesting album sure, but perhaps not as intriguing as the eyebrow raising story about the album’s title. The drummer in the group found a typed essay near his car one evening and the essay was about a man who had a car in the ‘70’s that he rigged to get 120 MPG and talking about how we need to do something about the gas crisis in America or we’re doomed. It was signed “BadBad”. Weird for sure but definitely fucking original. Oh let’s get back to the music. It’s also highly original and wrapped in a lo-fi indie rock burrito that sounds as if it was cooked up in a dingy apartment. The guitar work will tinge your skin with its surprisingly dense layers as their singer seems to conjure spirits as he belts out post-punk cerebral noodles in a pseudo Thom Yorke kinda way. As if all of the above isn’t cool enough, the group decided to release it with countless all original artwork, for the cover here I just picked one I liked (hint: find your own!). Pick it up and share its story, art, and songs.

- J-Sin

"The Otto Modest in Music Connection Magazine"

Our admiration for this band grew with each song, and that’s rare. The St. Louis band (named for a cemetary headstone) pushes limits, but remains grounded and accessible and is never one-dimensional. “Country Mouse” has oddly alluring keyboards; “A Quiet Moment” is an ambitious excursion with artful electronic dissonance; the lilting “Farther In” recalls Tim/Jeff Buckley. Josh Evans’ alt-vocal presence is just right at all times. Highly recommended for fans of cutting-edge rock.

Production: 7
Lyrics: 8
Music: 8
Vocals: 8
Musicianship: 8

Average Score: 7.8 - Music Connection

"The Otto Modest on Banned Promotions"

-Randy Mallett,

It is safe to say that, by now, it is almost an expectation for St. Louis
maestros The Otto Modest (who named themselves after some old
dead guy) to release brilliant records. What did surprise me, however, is the degree to which their latest offering entirely exceeded all my expectations. "BadBad" follows a short period of dormancy from the group - at least, I don't recall seeing them on local concert listings as much as I did in the past (though, they're picking it up now). What strikes me most about the new record is how T.O.M. is able to continually evolve and remain so utterly interesting and dynamic over the years. "BadBad" is a wholly logical progression of the band's previous work. The result is nothing short of gargantuan and immeasurably majestic in nature.

Civilian begins the album on a stellar note; mournful tones are delicately played over the simple guitar lushness for which the band has become so well known. Carefully placed moments of silence meander effortlessly between the melodic smears of reverb-drenched strings. A Quiet Moment proves to be the album’s standout piece, boasting thick reverberating cascades reminiscent of U2. As far as I’m concerned, they have effectively reinvented the genre. Lovely whisps of guitar penetrate a hazy ambient mass in the aptly titled Dancing Bear. Nothing is rushed, and sometimes the evolution of structure and sound are so subtle, they are almost indecipherable. But for the active listener, the rewards are infinitely grand.

"BadBad" is truly a massive work. It is intoxicating and orchestral, heartbreaking and effectual. It has been once said that ambient music allows one to learn more about oneself. Such words have not rung truer that with this record. Anything else released this year on a local level might not even come close to matching its brilliance. The declaration by California-based music magazine, Music Connection, the album is “highly recommended for fans of cutting-edge rock.” The declaration quite appropriately hits the nail right on the head. - Randy Mallet


"BadBad." (Full Length) - 2008
"City 9" (6-Song EP) - 2011

The Otto Modest is currently working on a new untitled EP to be released in September 2011.



Otto Modest was a man. He died. Somewhere in the Missouri heat, his gravestone sweat and cracked, and a young man who noticed wondered what it meant.

The Otto Modest is a band. Somewhere in the South City St. Louis night, Josh Evans, Collin Giles, James Vandike, and Jarret Green sweat and crack their nails. Against the guitars, keys, drums and buttons they make noise into songs and songs into noise.

Now, they make other people wonder what it means.