The Oulipians
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The Oulipians

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band World Jazz


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"Soulful Waters..."

"The sound is reminiscent of a young Oleta Adams that's been doused with holy (yet soulful) waters of Dinah, Ella, and Dianne Reeves all perfectly woven into a spiritual, musical experience." - Eddie Robinson, Rhapsody

"Brooklyn Sings Brooklyn Swings"

"Whether she is working in a jazz, folk, world music, or soul-based motif, she conveys meaning convincingly, with a distinctive style and accomplished musicianship. Possessed of a supple, open, and delectably sweet vocal instrument that ranges effortlessly across the octaves, Chanda's concerts are joyous experiences that bring smiles to faces and warmth to hearts; they unite listeners in recognition of the transcendent power of an art that defies boundaries." - Jay Kaplan, Brooklyn Public Library - Dweck Auditorium

"A Voice Like Water"

"What do you get when you mix spiritual melodies, lyrical grace, jazzy vocals, and R&B? You get a woman who carries a magnificent voice that explodes with clarity and beauty that is bound to fill your spirit to its rim with musical serenity...her name is Chanda Rule. I am so excited to feature jazz songstress Chanda Rule on ymib. I immediately fell in love with her clarity and sound and got goosebumps (the sure sign of good music) while listening to her album "I to Speak of A River", especially track #13 entitled: "Everything Must Change". Her voice and tone are just simply amazing."
Soul Living, YMIB -


"....this concert was a lecture in groove" - Neue Kronen Zeitung, Austria

"Chanda Rule"

“Incredible feel, honest, emotional..."

- Putumayo Records


"Drummer Gernot Bernroider is a brilliant technician with unique style…" - Schwaebisches Tagblatt, Germany

"Chanda – Oh, That Voice!"

Where She’s From: “I like to say I was born amidst the bump n’ grind of the Windy City in the Disco-Funk Era. My Chicago was full of color, snow, R&B music, church, and school,” lovely Chanda Rule tells The Black Star News. “I have a very spiritual and academic family. My great-grandmother went back to school when she was 60 to get her GED. She was a role model for my dad, who passed on this fervor for education and knowledge-seeking to me. Along with that, he taught me that my opinion, my hopes and my dreams, always mattered. He encouraged me to love God and express myself.”

Chanda attended the Black Mecca of academics, Howard University in Washington, DC and studied Journalism and Advertising. “The spark for my career ignited during my first job after college,” she recalls. “I was a spokesperson for Oscar Mayer and traveled around in the Wienermobile. I remember singing on stage in this huge auditorium as a joke. But inside I was like, ‘man, this feels good.’ A few years later, after working in Public Relations and Marketing, I did my first musical, Hair, in Amsterdam and Milan.”

“While performing in musical theatre, I released a CD of original R&B music in 2005,” Chanda adds.”

Where She’s At: Many of Chanda’s songs are arrangements of old Spirituals. “I believe that the voices of my ancestors are speaking through me, through song. It’s already developing into more than I can imagine—more singing, traveling, collaborating, creating, building, rejoicing, evolving.”

Chanda recalls how she overcame a challenge. “While recording my CD, seven tracks got erased. I won’t pretend that this didn’t send my head reeling. But eventually, after getting quiet, and really asking myself what I needed to learn from this, I saw that my vision had been too small, and that those tracks needed to be re-recorded to represent a larger vision.”

Chanda has performed with many well-known artists, including as a lead vocalist with jazz drummer Victor Jones. She sang along side internationally acclaimed musicians such as Mino Cinelu, Papo Vasquez and John Benitez. An opening artist for Regina Belle & The Whispers, India.Arie, Angela Bofill, and Amel Larrieux, she has also performed at various jazz and music festivals, Birdland, Le-Club Moscow, Hard Rock Café, and the Jazz Standard.

Chanda has also performed as a guest artist with Osubi Craig and Prophecy Music Project, a group of musicians who fuse traditional African rhythms with Afro-Cuban, Latin, jazz, and blues to teach world history and promote cultural awareness, at the Bethlehem Musikfest, University of Maryland – College Park, and Widner University.

Where She’s Heading: “My second CD will be released in April. I’m at the stage where I create music that speaks to my heart and not what I think the industry wants. But each stage is like a rebirth in a way. I’m constantly evolving. My goal is to musically speak my truth, and to encourage people to do the same. My goal is to create sacred music—that is, music that uplifts, brings a smile, a tear, a laugh, but ultimately inspires evolution.” The CD melds African-American folk music with moveable grooves and jazzy lullabies.

Chanda’s Words Of Wisdom: “‘The best way to live is to live like water,’ which is from the Tao Te Ching.”
Chanda’s Secrets Of Success: “My relationship with God, friends, and family.”
Chanda’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Color Purple, Frida, Kama Sutra.”
Chanda’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “Alice Walker’s Temple of My Familiar,
Iyanla Vanzant’s Tapping the Power Within, and Ntzoke Shange’s Nappy Edges.”
The First Three Things Chanda Would Do As President: “Bring the troops home, establish free health care, and revamp the Public School system.”

Black Star News is a New York based Pan-African weekly investigative newspaper - Special To The Black Star News March 1st, 2007

"Breakin' the Rule"

"Chanda Rule is Nu jazz’s newest jewel known for her smooth delivery of spirituals intertwined with blues and jazz melodies."

D. Bell - Uptown Flavor


Latest Release 2008 : Chanda Rule "I too Speak Of A River"



There are 8 letters on your palette. Write me a symphony.


Us are groove
Lasting happiness
Art of Music
New life

We are music. Strung together by aggregates of melodic motion and rhythm. Seasoned with lines of India, grooves of Africa, American classics, and European mantra. We are culture, dance, painting, word and art.
The Oulipians' music incorporates mathematical formulas very much like ragas in Indian music to create rhythm & bass extravaganzas.
Inspired by world music, culture, and literature, the “Oulipians” wrap world music and spoken word with jazz lines and earthen lyric. With a new spin on the ensemble’s namesake, a group of literary thinkers founded in Paris by Raymond Queneau and Francois Le Lionnais in 1960, the Oulipians use structures of diverse musical genres to shape original music.

Members of The Oulipians have performed with legendary musicians such as Ron Carter, Benny Powell, India.Arie, and Harry Connick jr. to name a few.
They have appeared at New York's top performance venues such as the Blue Note, Jazz Standard, Birdland and Lincoln Center;
internationally in Asia, West Africa, and Europe; and have been featured on US, German and Russian national radio and television.

In German:

The Oulipians
Wir sind Musik. Zusammenhängende Aggregate melodischer Bewegung und Rhythmen. Gewürzt mit Melismen aus Indien, Rhythmen aus Afrika, amerikanischem Jazz, und europäischem Mantra. Wir sind Kultur, Tanz, Malerei, Literatur und Kunst.
Die Musik der Oulipians beinhaltet mathematische, indische Ragas und extravagante Baßsequenzen.
Inspiriert durch Weltmusik, Weltkultur und Literatur verflechten die Oulipians ethnische Musik mit Jazz, Sprachgesang und tiefsinnigen Texten. Als die Variante zu einer literarischen Gruppe mit selbigen Namen, die um 1960 in Paris von Raymond Queneau und Francois Le Lionnais gegründet wurde, verschmelzen die Oulipians Strukturen verschiedener Stilrichtungen um neue Musik zu schaffen.

Die Oulipians sind...
Eine Welt der Musik
Musik der Welt
Einzigartig in Song, Groove und Improvisation
Der Gral ethnischer Musik und neuen Stils
Die Musik ist...
Zugänglich für alle Zuhörer
Melodisch und rhythmisch
Kreiert aus Elementen indischer, afrikanischer, europäischer und lateinamerikanischer Kultur

Biographie der Bandmitglieder:

Chanda Rule
Verwurzelt und aufgewachsen in den Kirchen von Chicago, ausgestattet mit viel Soul und einer Stimme voller Jazz –so hat Sängerin Chanda Rule seit ihrer Kindheit Lieder und Melodien gesungen und Geschichten erzählt. Vokalist Nenna Freelon beschreibt Chanda’s Stimme als „kristallklar“ - mit ihren Lieder wird den Zuhörern „ ein Gemüt mit bis zum Rand angefüllter musikalischer Reinheit“ prophezeit.
Chanda’s Karriere begann vorerst in zahlreichen off-Broadway Musicals, bevor sie die Bühne mit namhaften Musikern wie Mino Cinelu, Papa Vasquez, Alex Blake und Victor Jones teilte. Ihre einzigartige Stimme und Bühnenpräsenz verhalfen ihr zu Eröffnungskonzerten für Künstler wie Regina Belle& The Whispers, Indie.Arie, Christina Aguilera, Angela Bofill und Amelie Larrieux.
Auch als Headliner ist Chanda in Konzerten weltweit in allseits bekannten Konzerstätten wie Birdland, Tchaikovsky Hall, The Apollo, Lincoln Center, Blue Note, Hard Rock Cafe, Jazz Standard, um nur einige zu nennen, aufgetreten. In Europa war Chanda unter anderem als fixer Bestandteil des Gospel Star Ensembles „Golden Gospel Singers“ auf zahlreichen Konzerten zu hören.
In Russland gastiert Chanda als Gastsolistin regelmäßig mit heimischen und internationalen Starmusikern in Klassik, Jazz und Popmusik wie Denis Matsuev, Sergey Mazaev und Igor Butman.
Als Solokünstlerin präsentierte Chanda unlängst ihre neueste CD „I too speak of a river“ in einem Livekonzert auf New York’s Rundfunksender WBAI im Rahmen des „International Women’s Day“.
Im ORF wurde dieses Album in der Ö1 Radiosendung „Spielräume“ von Giselher Smekal vorgestellt

Martin Reiter
Pianist Martin Reiter erhielt seine Ausbildung an der Anton Bruckner Universität in Linz sowie an der Universität für Musik und darstellenden Kunst in Wien.
Spätestens nach Erhalt des „Austrian Lions Award ” ,ein begehrter Preis für österreichische Nachwuchskünstler und der damit verbundenen Tournee mit Konzerten auf Europas grössten Jazzfestivals wie Montreux, Perugia, Pori und anderen, legte Martin den Grundstein für eine vielversprechende Karriere als Pianist.
Noch im selben Jahr erhielt er den Hans Koller Preis für ein New York Stipendium, sowie ein Engagement in der Band des Schweizer Startrompeters Matthieu Michel.
Mit dem im Jahre 2005 fertiggestellten Album „Chez de Saada“ stieß Martin bei Publikum und Kritikern auf immensen Zuspruch und wurde mit dem Hans Koller Newcomerpreis des Jahres bedacht.
Konzerte mit Musikern wie Allegre Correa, Ana Paula da Silva, Michael Mantler, sowie ein Konzert be