The Outlaw Kid

The Outlaw Kid


This music is a raw edge'd, folk, rock, blues, that deals with real subject matters that happen everyday! From political corruption to defending the "Kid" in everyone. Its a voice and stand for the unfortunate travelers in the Land...RIGHTEOUSNESS


Our Influences are The Classic.....Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Blues Brothers, Led Zepplin, Neil Young etc...This Music is set apart from many types and attitudes, An "oldschool groove" with a "Youngblood" feel! Many people have already related to this music and all agree that "this music needs to be heard"


"Let the Kid Shine."
"Kool Kat Kid Harvest Union"
Presently in recording for the new album. Have been played on college radio in the past but have not been played on main streem radio as of yet.

Set List

"The Great Canadian Shit Kick'n Bus"
"Leagalized Robbery" (In the name of the Govener)
"Silver Soul Rider"
"I Am A MAN"
"DeadMan's Gospel Rag"
"Folsom Prison Blues" (Outaw Style)
"Man's Rules"
and much more...