The Outside

The Outside


"...singer Tree is one powerhouse of a performer, delivering her swooping anthemic lyrics across an avalanche of tumbling toms, hand/foot combos, and crash-riding...the band's rock grandeur is undeniable and highly appealing." - Modern Drummer (Aug '07)


A 4-piece throw back to the days when rock and roll was a pocket of groove and unapologetically loud, The Outside's barrage of melodic musings and off-kilter rhythms intrigue and excite. Embodying elements of the Deftones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Pumpkins, the New York group brands stages with an unmistakably claimed sound that, in the end, leaves raised fists and silver dollar eyed audiences everywhere. The forceful backbone of drummer Damien Girardi and bassist Will Luttrell, paired with the sheer melodic thread of Ben Kennedy’s guitar, leaves singer Tree free to herald the charge with soulful belts of song significant to the times we live in. Channeling the strife of daily living and the perseverance of will, The Outside holds nothing back. Ever.

• Independently released 3 CDs to date
Something Urgent [2006]
You Are The Alpha...Gracias Por Nada [2004]
Blue Collar Overtime [2003]
• Several tracks in upcoming 2007 Lionsgate Film “Tantrum”
• Finalists, Discmakers/Billboard 2006 Indie Music
World Series (1 of 6 chosen from 1300)
• Modern Drummer review of CD 'Something Urgent'
• Festivals: Midpoint Music Fest (Cincinnati,OH), Medusa festival (CBGBs NYC), NXNE (Toronto), Millennium Music Conference (Harrisburg,Pa), Six Flags Thirsty Melon Music Fest (Lousiville,Ky), ChicksRockFest (Cincinnati,Oh), Sam Ash Spring Break @ Six Flags (Jackson,NJ)
• Sam Ash endorsement


Blame You I Do

Written By: The Outside

waiting building holding pain in
pressure weighting mind implodes since
you moved into- self-hells you choose
wallow deeper you're not wanted
world spins faster round your growing
insight self righteous victim alright-
i should have given up it's true-
but this scripted dance i follow you
pretty boy face man child disgrace
no ones fist sits on your pouted sucked lip
you stand alone throw your saved stones
housed glass inside prized hate why
i'll never give up on you-
placed blame's on me if i do....

Rites of Spring

Written By: The Outside

i'll sit you down
i'll shove you down
i'll tell you anything
just to have your stare
without a blink
and watch me bring

a hundred words
a storied rhyme
a sermon in front you
and string along
in chorused song
my gift my curse what i do

i'll steal your thoughts
i'll break your hearts
i'll let you feel my pain
i'll scream it out
i'll whisper soft
i live without refrain

a bed a corner bar
a pew it's all the same
these songs
i drop thought bombs
the world my darkened stage

turn me out
turn me out
turn me out
turn me out

i'll sit you down
i'll shove you down
i'll do anything
to have you hear
the voice inside me say

tornadoed thoughts
of loss and fear
and love and war and hate
if i don't get it out
explode catastrophe i'll break

subtle enough
you wear it well
but i'm not half as strong
i play it safe i vent it all
within a pretty song

costumed facade
i'm boiling soon
if things don't give way
i swear i'll deafen
from the weight
of sirened scenes un-played

Luminous Veil

Written By: The Outside

walls red inside
house isn't empty no your
boys inside
11 - 4 years theyll remember this
not before because
you were always missed
to poisoned past....

you gave in... to voices in your head and images of life before you... lay victim... to the sentence before the commit of the crime of your own... sad exit... who's deaf as result of the bullet spent wait wasted on your.... cowardice... they walk alone behind you leave yellowed pictures and a legacy forever marred inside the sadness they walk alone

Gravity Never Buckles, The End Is Always Near

Written By: The Outside

on the brink again we stand
vacuum time sucks it in
over edge and over it
over played is over this

it's just us and we are done
done is free and free's release
release is sweet shirtless they see
wingless back trail of bleed

heartless thoughts and eyeless grins
scarred up chin it's not pretend
feeding want riding sin
chorused demons in our head
drowning in journaled paint
colorblind we suffocate
inhale smells accolades glue
good as new, we're good as new

and it's never enough
so enough never comes
spilling over tipping point
we're not done- but time is gone
scratching vinyl wax our thoughts
tripping over waterlogged
brushfires burning in our head
our desires are over fed

steamlined lips dam the curse
choices we've made we deserve
architects of this disease
ugly angels without wings

as we fall into black
outlined by the haunting facts
exposed holes and exposed face
are what's left of our reign
falling angels collide
in a world where no ones kind
but the soles on unworn shoes
are good as new good as new


:: Something Urgent [2006]
:: You Are The Alpha...Gracias Por Nada [2004]
:: Blue Collar Overtime [2003]

All CDs self-produced / self-released. 'Something Urgent' and 'You Are The Alpha' available at itunes and cdbaby.

Set List

Sets range from 30-60 min. No covers. All original. All high energy. And for the most part, unless they sound really cool (see or we stay away from "girl nights". Here are some songs that frequent our set:

......Things Fall Apart
......Rites Of Spring
......Something Urgent
......Easy As Disease
......Luminous Veil
......Gravity Never Buckles, The End Is Always Near
......Blame You I Do