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"If you’re in the market for some straight up hard rock, local acts have got you covered."

On the Record
Carey Miller, Planet Weekly Editor!

If you’re in the market for some straight up hard rock, local acts have got you covered. The Out-Siders have put together an excellent disc of Candlebox and Alice in Chains-inspired heavy rock with Read Between the Lines. - Planet Weekly (Issue 305 06.08.05)

"The Out-Siders' debut CD, "Read Between the Lines""

Shot straight out of a cannon, the first song, Release, on The Out-Siders' new Cd, is in your face with crunching guitar riffs and throaty vocals. This is a song that makes you want to turn the volume to 11! It also has a very fluid, melodic lead, which is refreshing to hear in today's music scene. The sound reminds me of Creed's earlier, heavier work. This is easily my favorite track, and a great way to start a the throat!

The next few tracks, Lies, and In the Air, tone it down a bit and bring a darker, more haunting vibe. There is a nice mix of mellow, undistorted guitar work blended with crunchy, loud guitars throughout this Cd. Alone takes this formula and creates a sort of athem for the touring musician, expressing the loneliness of the road and the longing for home.

Drowning brings back the heavy guitar hook with some killer drums. That's followed by Pills of Shame, which took me back to the 80's. It has a great acoustic, power ballad feel. In Everything's Blue, I can hear hints of the Candlebox influence that Chris speaks of in his interview.

If you like heavy music with influences ranging from the 80's and 90's to current times, with gravel laden vocals, then The Out-Siders are for you. - Rise Music Magazine (Shawn Beard)


Date: 7/30/2005 8:51:52 AM
Status: Selected
Response: Hi,


Congratulations. Your entry has been selected as a SEMI FINALIST in the 2005 UK Songwriting Contest.

Please note that most entries did not make it this far. Only approximately 30% - around one in three - of total contest entries were selected as semi finalists so you can be sure that the judges considered your work to be among the best songs entered this year.

As you know, we do not give prizes for semi finalist positions - we are giving you this information so that you have a clear idea about where your song ended up in the final contest results.

We know it is dissapointing not to get to the finals but we hope that you will take comfort from the fact that your song was considered to be one of the best entered. We have to draw a line somewhere between sem finals and finals. In another year, with a different mix of entries and judges, it might have made it to the finals or beyond. So please do not be disheartened and we hope you will continue to write and perfect your craft and improve on your undoubted talent.
- 2005 UK Songwriting Contest

"The Out-Siders CD Review Boom Magazine New Brunswick Canada"

The Out-Siders
Read Between The Lines
Hard Rock

Right out of the gate with the lead track “Release”, The Out-Siders shine with a very catchy and thick guitar hook along with fluid and very emotional solo licks. The song gets you in the mood to party and rise to the occasion. The intense and expressive vocals of Christopher Blevins hit you hard and deep with a recognizable sound that you just can’t place, adding to the mystery. The Out-Siders are based out of Mississippi and tour extensively. Their passion for performing live adds to the legitimacy and accessibility of the band. At times the guitar lends itself to Sabbath-like presence and occasionally takes you for a ride with a Malcolm Young (AC/DC) feel and a hint of Black Crowes in the mix. Another standout track on the album is “Alone” showcasing a strong chorus and powerful backing vocals with a mainstream blend of acoustic and electric guitars. The acoustic/electric guitar coupling is re-visited numerous times on the album and it works like a charm. The truth is The Out-Siders are real and say what they mean. No plastic packaging or contrived vibe. A down to earth rock’n’roll band that doesn’t sound dated. This self-produced album has the potential to make some noise in the music industry if it falls into the right hands. If you’re into tuned down power chords and have a pen chance for air guitar, you’ll spin this gem over and over again. The ballad “Pills Of Shame” is a beautiful ballad reminiscent of Bon Jovi meets Chris Cornell with a dash of Black Crowes. They pull out a surprise with the super heavy deep cut rocker “Everything’s Blue” that slithers and grinds its way into the darkest places of your subconscious. An album well worth adding to your collection. I sense bigger and better things to come from this outfit. The songwriting talent and passionate vocals haunt you long after the listening experience. The Out-Siders may be coming into your home very soon with more wide spread recognition than even they anticipated.

Contact The Out-Siders: - Don Coleman


Read Between the Lines (March 2005)

Radio Airplay:
106.9 The Buzz Meridian, MS
99.9 The Fox Columbus, MS

Tends to Fade:
105.7 The Buzzard Spokane, WA

Pills of Shame:
103.7 The Foxx Hattiesburg, MS

The whole CD:



Acoustic solo artist and band!
The Out-Siders, a band that originally started out as a solo project for Chris Blevins 5 years ago, has started building momentum over the past year. After a name change and a few member changes two years ago, The Out-Siders are coming on strong and show no signs of slowing down. With the March 2005 release of their debut album, "Read Between the Lines", the band has started to reap the benefits of hard work and persistence. The cd, engineered by 4 time Grammy winner Tony Daigle, Joe Gary of Spank the Monkey (who also played drums on several songs on the cd), and Chris Blevins himself, has seen much success over the past year. With the help of several different musicians including Brian Stephens of Sound Decision Studios (who was in Modern Drummer recently), along with many others' help, the cd has taken off. Moving over 600 copies and reviewed at (release expected spring 2006), the cd has received recognition for its raw, straightforward rock sound and unbelievably strong vocals. The song (Pills of Shame) is featured on the Montel Williams MS Compilation cd and received the honor of being selected as semi-finalist for the UK International Songwriting Competition as well as semi-finalist for Billboard Song Contest 2005. Chris was also interviewed and featured on the cover of Rise Music Magazine. But don't let the strength of the cd fool you. The Out-Siders are a well-oiled, in-your-face, live rock band. With their energetic stage show, powerful vocals, and melodic guitar work over heavy riffs, they will get your attention and keep it. Recently performing at the 2006 Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival as well as SXSW, the band is building up their live show. With a fall tour in the works, this is a band that you do not want to miss.