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Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"[Review] Kevin Abstract - IMAGINATION"

Imagination starts out with the intro titled “Cartoonz” with a message to keep an open mind since this is not your average album, but rather Kevin gives you a unique story about his life. The second track “IMAGINATION” which has a really smooth and chill beat tells a story about how anything is possible when you use your imagination the track is really smooth and is a great first track to the tape. The next track “Sarah” starts the love theme throughout the whole album. Sarah tells the love story of Kevin and Sarah which is a reoccurring tale through the album and it basically introduces you to how the two met, as well as the first feature coming from EaSy. The follow up track “Bicycle” which has a beat that I love and could see Peter, Bjorn & John singing over, “Bicycle” is a really good song, one of my favorite tracks of the album actually, that leads to “HURT”. “HURT” is not at all what I pictured, I envisioned a NIN/Johnny Cash type track of hurt which is a really dark/sad track but Kevin delivers a nice track with a good message, “Don’t get hurt” as well as a good hook telling all the listeners that he’s never dumbin’ down. “T3” is the next track which reminds me a lot of a Tyler, The Creator track with the whole narration as well as a Kevin talking to himself but just not as dark as most Tyler tracks. Kevin comes through with some good rhymes and a dope flow that goes great with the beat to really complete “T3”. “You Got It” is next with a really chill beat and overall track as well, you get a really calm vibe with this track. “The Perfect Date” follows and if anyone knows who K. Dot, aka Kendrick Lamar, is they would almost immediately know the beat as Kevin goes over his “She Needs Me” beat and makes it his own. Kevin goes on and tells the story of his idea of a perfect date and makes a really catchy song and good song that I could see a lot of people vibing to. “Fools Gold” might be one of Kevin’s more recognizable track and is the next track on the album. “Fools Gold” has a really unique beat that I love and a great back story as well as good combo coming from Kevin & EaSy. “Stay Together” tells the story of Kevin meeting a girl at a party and the following events; CJ The Genesis also joins Kevin and tells the story of a deceiving girl. “Stay Together” has a great hook that truly completes the song. “Stadium Status” tells the story of success and how Kevin is seeking, which I believe one day he’ll attain, with a great hook by Justus Clarke. “Star Chasing” seems to be the ASF song of the album featuring EaSy and Carmine is a song about long nights with your significant other and just watching stars. The last two tracks are “Planet Q” and “Boy Meets World”. Planet Q really has a spacely vibe and gives a deeper insight behind Kevin’s imagination and then Boy Meets World has a really calm vibe and is a great outro track to finish Imagination; Kevin & EaSy finish off the track strong and conclude a great debut album.

Ultimately the album is a really dope project from everything to the story Kevin is trying to portray to the listeners to the beat selection, overall it just makes this a really good debut album. Kevin really did a great job with it and he deserves to be proud after finishing this project. I’m really excited to see what the future has in store for Kevin and what’s ahead of him in his young career. - BasXMusic


Kevin Abstract:
Kevin Loves You LP (2009)
School Bus Chronicles LP (2010)
The Comics EP (2010)
Pink Elephants EP (2011)
Imaginination LP (2011)

The Outsiders:
Beyond Our Dreams LP (2010)

Fool's Gold



EaSy and Kevin Abstract met in High School where they released a music project together, where they received a good buzz in Houston. They soon formed a hip-hop duo called "The Outsiders" in which they made their first album called BeyondOurDreams. They're currently working on their sophomore album which will be due out early 2012. They are also part of a larger group with their friends and fellow musicians called ASF (Alive Since Forever).

Kevin Abstract, 15 year old based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. Released a few mixtapes, has some online buzz and a following with the help from the music blog, MostlyJunkFood. Kevin is trying to give Texas a new sound by simply just being himself. He's been making music for some years now, not trying to get signed but rather just enjoy the process of getting music out to the masses and have my songs in every kids iPod. Inspirations include Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Kurt Cobain.

EaSy, 15 year old from Houston. EaSy is a beginning MC who just started putting words to paper in fall 2010. He started writing his first songs under the hip hop group Forever Young, then crossing roads with Kevin Abstract to finally form the rap duo The Outsiders, his progression leaves peers astonished. His passion for hip hop was not evident until recently where he found inspiration from the likes of Drake, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi. His passion for music overshadows the road to fame which many people approach before finding themselves musically. Between him and his crew, it's not a matter of if they make it, but a matter of when.