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"[REVIEW] The Overunder – Invisible Ink"

The last time we reviewed THE OVERUNDER, they were a full band. Now it’s just singer/songwriter Jimmy Conners, but you wouldn’t know it upon listening to Invisible Ink. This new EP actually sounds like its composed of a few other members, but it’s not. While still heavily pop tinged like the last OVERUNDER release, Invisible Ink feels more passionate, personal, and a bit country. Being one of the few in Southern Maryland not interested in that genre, it’s something when I say it sounds good here. Kind of like a mix between Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift, Jimmy Connors does a great job keeping out of the generic sound that genre tends to show me. Of course, this isn’t an actual country record though. There’s a good dose of pop rock to be found here, as well as some good alternative acoustics. Each track of Invisible Ink sounds quite beautiful and highly impressive. Jimmy really has some skills here that could very easily lead him to a major label if he is heard by the right people. This is a damn good EP from an extraordinary songwriter you should know. – by Nathaniel Lay - Lexington Music Press

"mtvU Woodie Award '09 Nomination (Best Music On Campus)"

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"Overunder, The - First Come, First Served - Album Review"

Pop-punk/pop-rock is a genre that has become over-populated with synthesizers and auto-tune. Many bands use these tools to try and shoot themselves to fame, but the end result is usually something awful that can only be enjoyed by teenie boppers who don't know how to separate an artists talent from their looks. Thankfully, Long Island, New York's The Overunder are not one of these bands.

The Overunder has released an EP that is filled with highly marketable, catchy songs, without any of the garbage mentioned above. While the EP does open with some gang vocals, it is mostly filled pop-rock tracks in the same vein as Mayday Parade.

The first full-length track on the EP is also the first single "That Necktie Makes You Look Ridiculous". The song is one of the best tracks on First Come, First Served. The song could definitely get the band played MTV or even land them opening spots on tours with bigger bands if marketed right. Next up is "Crowd Surf", which is the strongest track on the entire EP. The song, the chorus in specific, will be stuck in your head after one listen. Though the next two tracks on the EP are still good songs, they are a little less memorable. "When The Stars Fall" ends the EP on a weaker note considering all the tracks before it, but it should leave fans wanting more to listen to.

After multiple times through First Come, First Served, it's very obvious that the band is a strong group of musicians and once they get a full-length album out there, they could skyrocket and become huge. The only thing that truly lacks on the EP is that the songs aren't overly original. They have the same general structure and don't vary much from each other. - AbsolutePunk

"Alternative Press AP&R - December 2009"

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"OverUnder, The - Invisible Ink - Album Review -"

When The OverUnder released First Come First Served, they were focused on making pop punk music that has been overplayed for a few years now. Though it was somewhat generic, it was done very well. Since the release of First Come First Served, the band has dissolved and The OverUnder is now vocalist Jimmy Connors' solo project.

On the first release as a solo project, The OverUnder's sound has changed quite a bit. Although the opening track "Another Year Another Valentine" reminds me of the progression Every Avenue made from their old work to Picture Perfect, that is not the tone of the rest of Invisible Ink. After the first track, it is very evident that Jimmy was hooked on the Dashboard Confessional discography while writing this album.

Tracks two through seven are very different from the mood set by the opening track. The rest of the songs are all acoustic based songs that still contain an element of catchiness that The OverUnder was founded on. Tracks like "Far From Perfect" and "Let's Jump Off That Bridge When We Come To It" showcase the new direction as memorable and impressive, while "Static" comes off as forgettable and the weakest track on the album.

The only huge disappointment with Invisible Ink is "Another Year Another Valentine". This is not because it is a bad song, but because it is the strongest track on the album, and tops most of the songs on First Come First Served. The song feels like a tease seeing as no other songs are similar to it on Invisible Ink. Though it is not likely that The OverUnder will give up the acoustic based tracks and focus on more songs like "Valentine", it would be nice to hear more songs similar to that on the next release.

As a whole, Invisible Ink is a good release, especially as the first release since becoming a solo project. Though some songs are forgettable, Jimmy's vocals are more impressive then ever. If he incorporates influences from First Come First Served, "Another Year Another Valentine", and the rest of Invisible Ink on the next release, it could be the first step to The OverUnder become appreciated by a much wider audience. - AbsolutePunk


Invisible Ink EP (2011)
First Come, First Served EP (2009)



After over 3 years of playing together as a quintet, Long Island NY-based band The OverUnder has gradually morphed into the rock solo project of singer/songwriter Jimmy Connors. Since it's inception back in the summer of 2007, TOU has made a recognizable name for itself from playing shows all over the Northeast to garnering a favorable following via the internet.

The debut EP, "First Come, First Served", brought the band into the national spotlight. The OverUnder was nominated for an mtvU Woodie Award which recognizes the best music across college campuses nationwide. Soon after, Alternative Press Magazine featured TOU in the AP&R section of their December 2009 issue - a monthly installment that showcases buzzing unsigned artists. The record also peaked in the Top 20 of highly popular online music store Smartpunk

Amidst the notariaty of FCFS, which sports an array of anthemy Pop Punk tracks, were a collection of written songs that had yet to be introduced...some of which would probably fly a lot better in a local coffee shop than a sweaty mosh pit. Without the proper platform to release them, they remained on the shelf...but after several key lineup departures, Connors instead saw the negative as an opportunity to bring some different material to the forefront.

Influenced early on by acts like Third Eye Blind and The Goo Goo Dolls, Connors became inspired to tap into a new sound branching slightly away from the faster/edgier one that has solely characterized the band thus far. His latest effort, "Invisible Ink", is a melodic mix of both Pop/Alternative rock and acoustic-infused songs. To produce the record, TOU enlisted the services of up and coming Florida producer Steven Howell to help capture the overall feel.

"Invisible Ink" is a true representation of artistic growth. Due for a winter release, it is sure to be music that both old and new TOU fans will take something from.