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"Know your LA bands: The Pacific"

LA.CityZine brings you the laid back band, The Pacific, as part of our Know Your LA Bands series. After hearing their name, your first thoughts may gravitate towards where the Pacific is, what its beaches are like and how close it is to the city. The band with same name, pulls those same enjoyable vibes from SoCal and brings you the breezy side of Los Angeles in their music. Enveloped in the honest, good old fashioned rock and roll fun, their sound brings a familiar vibe to all who live under the sun. Untainted by the grimey hands of the entertainment industry, The Pacific manages to pull together sounds of pure creativity without being too worried about the pressures of Hollywood eyes. They do this exceptionally well with their feel good rock harmonies, videos and silly personas they let loose as musicians who are anything but pretentious. Issues are dealt with in their lyrics as any band addresses important matters, but they do this without coming off as jaded. Staying true to themselves, their music proves you can still make a statement without becoming overbearing but empowering instead.

To truly get this feeling, I strongly suggest going to their show at Mr. T’s Bowl tonight. Take in a few of their songs and take in all the good of LA and push out the bad. Plus, it’s FREE! The guys of The Pacific are just down to earth guys who happen to put on a good show. Proof for the first part: Read the interview below with Pacific’s own lead vocalist and guitarist, Curt Barlage. Proof for the second part. You have to go see the show. Enjoy the interview and their brand new video, “Bad One Gets Away.”

by Seraphina - LA

"IR SoCal presents: The Pacific Story"

This is the story of The Pacific, a four piece indie group of some Japanese heritage, whom have been pouring their hearts into the many storied high-energy performances in the Los Angeles rock underground. For years The Pacific have stormed the local scene with their own brand of British stylized rock, influenced by such greats as the Verve, Stone Roses and Swervedriver, just to name a few.

Bandmates Curt, Mike and Sammy were last seen featured by our own FenderGirl in the archives of the Indie Music Project several years previous. Fast forward to June of 2008 and we have a brand new full length release by The Pacific called Smoke & Mirrors, released on Intravenous Records. It’s a positive, energetic and well mastered effort which once again captures the group’s live sound in all of it’s wild panache.

I was introduced to the group originally by a friend from high school in the LA outfit The Lost & Found, another local group influenced by such UK greats as Paul Weller and Stiff Little Fingers. The Pacific join other talented bands in our local scene like IR favorites, The Weather Underground, slowly solidifying LA as a top destination for fans of the Brit-pop sound (outside of the UK of course).

by Charles Stepcyzk - Insonia Radio

"The Pacific 'Smoke & Mirrors' review"

"Fast garage rock. Dirty pretty guys, lots of smoke in the room and shining red epihphones collapsed on the floor. You like all those stop-and-go; everything is electric at its maximum and this is the kind of record for you: "f*ck all, it's summer and my stereo deserves it" that's what you're thinkin' while you're driving. And it feels good."
- giov - Indie For Bunnies Italian musiczine

"I'm Glad Some Are Still Holding The Torch...."

LOS ANGELES - In a day where the so-called “greatest” bands consists of a bunch of 8 year old bubble gum stars (yes that includes you Good Charlotte), it’s refreshing to see that at least a few people get it. Take The Pacific, a local Los Angeles band that pushes their ideals of rock’n'roll in every way of life.

Amidst all the bopper-beatsy garbage, these guys aren’t trying to write gimmicky songs with catchy techno-pop phrases, but instead they are influenced by the classics: The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Oasis, and The Libertines to name a few.

If you love music and hate MTV garbage pop, check out this piece done by filmmaker Steve Lee ( in support of The Pacific’s recent release Smoke and Mirrors available on Itunes.

"Hang Out With The Pacific in their Rehearsal Studio" -


Mystery of the Stars EP 2003
The Pacific/Silent Gray - Split EP 2004
The Pacific - LP (Self Titled) 2005
Smoke & Mirrors LP 2008



Here in The Pacific’s rehearsal room they believe in ghosts.

Heroes hang from the walls, Lennon, the Gallaghers, Ashcroft, Ian Curtis, Harrison, and Townshend keep watchful eyes. The voices of all who passed through Marley’s gate reverberate through the night colored with cigarettes, pints and shiny tequila guns….and they leave writings on the wall. Faces immortalized in still frames, in times through the times. There have been a thousand nights past here of tales grown so tall…and a hundred thousand more ready to be born into a time capsule that puts the sign posts down for the next generation to see the path.

Downtown Los Angeles, amongst a maze of white and grey and anonymous rooms with brown doors behind which The Pacific have toiled the songs, spoiled the wrongs and created a place where everyone belongs, if even for just a night.

Inspired by the classics….Kinks, Who, La’s, Stone Roses, Oasis, Marley. Aspiring with the moderns….The Coral, Glasvegas, Sergeant, The View.
Retiring the has-beens…it’s time to get it made.

With a new release in hand, “Smoke & Mirrors,” (Intravenous Records 2008) recorded by Mark Rains and Roger Gisborne, The Pacific are set to embark on the twisted road with tour dates beginning in winter of 2009 and a UK tour slated for the fall of 2009. The Pacific also have plans to get back into the recording studio this February to record an E.P.

watch the music video for 'Bad One Gets Away' here: