The Pacific

The Pacific


Rock and roll inspired by the classics like the Who, Kinks, La's, Oasis, Stone Roses....and conspiring with the moderns: The Kooks, Glasvegas and The Coral


Here in The Pacific’s rehearsal room they believe in ghosts.

Heroes hang from the walls, Lennon, the Gallaghers, Ashcroft, Ian Curtis, Harrison, and Townshend keep watchful eyes. The voices of all who passed through Marley’s gate reverberate through the night colored with cigarettes, pints and shiny tequila guns….and they leave writings on the wall. Faces immortalized in still frames, in times through the times. There have been a thousand nights past here of tales grown so tall…and a hundred thousand more ready to be born into a time capsule that puts the sign posts down for the next generation to see the path.

Downtown Los Angeles, amongst a maze of white and grey and anonymous rooms with brown doors behind which The Pacific have toiled the songs, spoiled the wrongs and created a place where everyone belongs, if even for just a night.

Inspired by the classics….Kinks, Who, La’s, Stone Roses, Oasis, Marley. Aspiring with the moderns….The Coral, Glasvegas, Sergeant, The View.
Retiring the has-beens…it’s time to get it made.

With a new release in hand, “Smoke & Mirrors,” (Intravenous Records 2008) recorded by Mark Rains and Roger Gisborne, The Pacific are set to embark on the twisted road with tour dates beginning in winter of 2009 and a UK tour slated for the fall of 2009. The Pacific also have plans to get back into the recording studio this February to record an E.P.

watch the music video for 'Bad One Gets Away' here:


Got It Made (Burn LA)

Written By: Curtis Barlage

If you want to steal this time, cause living’s just a waste of mind,
say what you say cause you’re never ever gonna get your way.
and you’ve got the modern sound, and you’re planting bombs all
around this town, do what you do cause they’re never ever gonna
believe you

I’m getting paid, getting laid, I really got it made.
it’s what you say every day that’s why I wanna burn L.A.
getting paid, getting laid he’s/she’s really got it made

Now they want to speak they’re crime, while they’re living over
someone’s dime, do what you do cause they’re never ever gonna
believe you, and you’ve got the classic crown, and you’re planting
bombs all underground, say what you say cause you’re never ever
gonna get your way

*CHORUS (repeat)

All around this town, what you think you’ve found,
keeps us alive, yeah it does

So if you want to steal this time, cause dying’s just a waste of mind,
do what you do cause they’re never ever gonna believe you

*CHORUS (repeat)

Live In A Dream

Written By: Curtis Barlage

Maybe, this could be the last time you’re feeling out of place,
outer space is free from all direction, direction is deception
when you…you gotta leave
this time, this time not gonna make the same mistakes, yeah,
stakes are rising higher to the ceiling, ceiling got me feeling
now, you gotta see, yeah

Why, live in a dream, what does it mean,
it means to be free that’s what I want to tell you
why, live in a dream, what does it mean,

Take time, take time just to understand the prize, now,
prize is no surprise from bleeding hands, yeah, hands are working
five to nine, you got be,
crazy, crazy just not what you want to be, now,
got to be just lightning like Ali, yeah, duck and swing and swerving
now, you gotta breathe, yeah

It means to be seen that’s what I need to tell you,
why live in a dream, what does it mean

They want to be sober, they want to be clean,
it doesn’t matter if you live or die, so why redeem, yeah


Bad One Gets Away

Written By: Curtis Barlage

We’re wishing to live on a grassy plain (no one would say)
or under the sun, over sea and sail (in every way)
reality stings it cuts you, around every turn maybe fate awaits you
forgotten sons with their smoking guns, across the way we stay

bah buh buh buh buh bah
a bad one gets away
buh buh buh buh bah
and night turns into day

And maybe if everyone felt the pain (no one would say)
tell me when we signed up for this twisted game (played everyday)
in a wasteland of cash and dark pleasures, desperate times call
for desperate measures, it’s been too long, the angels have gone
I don’t think we should stay

*CHORUS (repeat)

*CHORUS (repeat)

One Life

Written By: Curtis Barlage

Hopeless child, still in my mind,
slowly wasting, I’m wasted on your wine,
and sometimes I forget now,
the time it takes to heal your mind

You shouldn’t waste this time, you’ve just got one life
you see the dream pass by, cause you’ve just got one life
and tonight I’m singing out, yeah

Useless child, you’re written off again,
won’t you keep in touch now, maybe,
I’m keeping you my friend,
and if you say you’re leaving,
please don’t ever look against my way

I’m forever on your side don’t pass me by
you shouldn’t waste this time, you’ve just got one life

I know the stars will shine so bright tonight,
they will just guide you by,
I know the river’s deep and the hills are steep,
you’ll learn to fly, won’t you fly

*CHORUS (repeat)


Mystery of the Stars EP 2003
The Pacific/Silent Gray - Split EP 2004
The Pacific - LP (Self Titled) 2005
Smoke & Mirrors LP 2008

Set List

1. Live in a Dream
2. Cutting Out
3. Hey, Now, What do You Say
4. Bad One Gets Away
5. One Life
6. Inside The Walls Of Your Mind
7. Got It Made (Burn L.A.)
8. Evolution

Typical sets range from 30-40 minutes