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The mighty trio of KP, Strike3 and Norm Rockwell create uncut "go ill" hiphop designed to serve the soul & snap the neck. Hometown & coast-to-coast performances have earned them a reputation as showstoppers. The PACIFICS just released their 2nd album “Sunday’s Chicken” (All Natural Inc).


The mighty trio of KP, Strike3 (aka. Mr. REXford) and Norman Rockwell create uncut "go ill" hip hop designed to serve the soul and snap the neck. Striving to bridge the gap between the old and new generations of hip hop, The PACIFICS bring versatility to the forefront without sacrificing creativity in their music. A slew of hometown and coast-to-coast performances have earned them a reputation as showstoppers. While all three bring the rhymes, KP also shines on much of the production, Norm showcases his other passion on the cuts and Strike3 holds it down as the host of SubT's 606/Open Mic Nite on Tuesdays.

"It's hip-hop with a cleverness that overwhelms its ruggedness. It's like early Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul. It may be Chicago's answer to Jurassic 5." (Sun Times, Feb. '03)

The PACIFICS earned and have maintained their place in Chicago hip hop through their consistently high-energy stage shows. Throughout the years, they've not only performed alongside some of Chicago's best acts, but nationally, they've also opened up for artists like DJ QBert, Mountain Brothers, Fifth Platoon, World Famous Beat Junkies, Triple Threat DJs, Bahamadia, Slum Village and most memorably, KRS-One.

In 2000, The PACIFICS took their show on the road with the highly acclaimed spoken word group, I Was Born With Two Tongues, on the YellowTechnicolor Tour (which continued through 2002), performing their 1 and 1/2 hour collaborative show at schools like Stanford, Columbia, UFlorida, Rutgers, SF State, Ball State, Pomona, UofC, Duke, UMichigan & UPittsburgh. The YellowTech show wound its way around the country, leaving scorched stages from the Bay to NY - rooted in the language and rhythm of spoken word and hip hop.

The PACIFICS independently released their highly-anticipated debut album, "The September First Project: Long Overdue", in April 2002. The album, said to "offer a well-crafted manifestation of hip-hop optimism," (URB, 8/02) showcased production by KP, Bay Root Production & Chops (while also offering vocal contributions by Chops & Peril-L of the Mountain Brothers). With the help of Xylophone Films/KidHeroes Production, The PACIFICS were able to take their classic joint, "Especialty", from audio to visual, in their first ever music video.

In the summer of 2002, they hit the road once again, on the Urban Architecture 606 Tour, with other Chicago-based hip hop acts: The Primeridian, Typical Cats and DJ Presyce. With followings new and old, stage shows to match and undeniable buzz, this tour's purpose was to bridge the gaps, share the shine and take it all back to homebase - by making stops in LA, Montana, Seattle, Portland and San Jose.

KP, Strike3 & Norm have just completed their second album, "Sunday's Chicken" - release date May 10, 2005, on Chicago-based label, All Natural, Inc. The contributions to the album span nationwide with support from Illmind, DJ Rhettmatic, Rakaa Iriscience, Pep Love and fellow chicagoans like The Primeridian, Iomos Marad, Ang 13, and Denizen Kane – as well as Artek on production and behind the boards. The partnership between The PACIFICS and All Natural, Inc. marks a milestone in the group's journey, being the perfect step in taking themselves and their music to the next level.

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Written By: The PACIFICS (N. Lim, R. Quijano, M. Taba)

(I said we're looking for the...)

Beat to bump - Illmind's bringin' it
Streets to jump - I know y'all feeling it
Feel the funk - It's so magnificent
We're the ones, and you know that

I said once upon a time not long ago
Way before we were on the road
We were three cats searchin' for
the weight of our words' worth in gold
Roamin' our turf like we couldn't get old
From the humble beginnings of shows where nobody would go
To travellin' a whole land that spans from two coasts
It's how dreams turn to hopes that
burn into your soul and come to life as a yearning for more
So what you lookin' for?

Lookin' back on those old times got my mind blown
Who would of known that rap
would ever take us this far?
It was me my man Ritchie and Ryan
gettin high and freestylin on the driveway in Ish's car
This was the start of something big
even before The PACIFICS
I used to roll with these cats called the EPIS crew
And til' this day i still do
Then i hooked up with Rex and KP
creating sounds you can't reproduce

It all started in the back of a lunchroom
When we decided to pursue what we love to do
Beyond freestyling, battling crews, but perform live shows at every major venue
Every place we been to rocked hard, just to show and prove
we had the gift to move the crowd
So get loud, as the beats play
So we could keep it moving quite naturally

Beat to bump - DJs spinnin' it
Streets to jump - I know y'all hearin' it
Feel the funk - It's so magnificent
We're the ones, and you know that

PACIFICS in this bitch
You better guard your shit
We in this for the taking
So we taking all of it
We're just a diamond in the rough
and when times are tough
We size it up, but ain't no mountain high enough, we climbin' up
We won't stop til our voice gets heard
Not from coast to coast
But all around the world
Like Twista blowing up with Kanye West, a new stepping stone
Along with common sense

Man, I just want cats to know I could rap
As a matter of fact I want them to say that I rap good
Naw fuck that man, I take that shit back
I want em' all saying "damn, i didn't know that he was that good!"
All I ever wanted was to do what I love for a living but it's hard cuz'
we still got to keep a job
So I'mma have fun with it and run with it
Riding this bitch til' the wheels fall off and still come off

Yo, i'm looking for the balance between the business and the talent
Between the legends and the has-beens
I'm looking for the perfect verse
and maybe by the next turn of the earth i'mma disperse the words to end the search
I'm like the beat digger skimming every record to find the two seconds that'll move his soul
Our destinations unknown cuz' who's to know who's to stay and who's to go

that's why we're lookin' for the...

Beat to bump - DJs spinnin' it
Streets to jump - I know y'all hearin' it
Feel the funk - It's so magnificent
We're the ones, and you know that

Story of My Life featuring Russell Pride

Written By: The PACIFICS (N. Lim, R. Quijano, M. Taba)

Why you playin' me so cold?
Sayin' I'm all up on your mind
Girl, but let the truth be told
you know that all that's just a lie
I feel you deep inside my soul
I see you when I sleep at night
When I wake your gone
Oh well that's just the story of my life

I met this girl named Shirley through a mutual friend
When I used spin at this club she used to attend
We had people lining out the door
askin' for that truth that we brought
from the booth to the dance floor
My sign's capricorn, she was a gemini
She loved my technique (technic) Like it was meant to be
And we got to cuttin', I rubbed her back and forth
Man, she would freak that shit and never skipped a beat
But twelve inches wasn't enough
She said felt like she was 33 goin' on 45
I tried, but it came as no surprise
when she left me for this seedy (CD) character who was on the rise
It's hard to say why she got away
Cuz nowadays, ain't nobody make music like this
She lost her way, now it's too late
To tune the fate of this union to the right pitch


Dig it, you ain't the girl in manolo boots lookin' cute in your limited express suit
See, your the loop that I'm dying to sample
The loot that I'm trying to gamble
So I could hit a jackpot bigger than any other could handle
But I figured that many other brothers'll tangle
With the chance to dance with lady luck, but I may be stuck see, cuz' I don't think I could say enough
I'm tired of the fact, you ain't mine
I'm tired of the fact, your man is creepin' through the grapevine
Tired of the fact, you're blind to my subtle hints
I'm tired of picturing tips connecting in between your butter hips
Them other pricks would of flipped if I could of hit
But now I sit and just think about what could of been
You should of never came my way
It would of been cool
But i'm fool cuz' I knew we could of never been see...


Her body had her own rhythm
And I would give it all five mics
Bit of attitude with a body that is so tight
The whole night, cats hollered as she walked by
Grabbin' on her arms, spittin' game, as she rolled her eyes
Now why should I be the next to approach to get shot down, clowned and perceived as a joke
Shall I proceed to get close, or flee the scene with no hope
Seems to me I need to see if she'd be down for the most
We seen each other before, through various places
Never introduced, but shared the same acquaintances
Built the nerve to say some shit Had to play it slick
The worst that could happen she could laugh and then say "shit"...
Head to the bar, ordered two cocktails
Walked back with a swag like I was norm rockwell
It was the moment of truth I just had to say hi
That's when she walked passed, hand in hand with some other guy...damn



"The PACIFICS & Illmind present The CASE" (CD/EP) - July 2006
Label: All Natural, Inc.

"All Natural, Inc presents: Anthology, Vol. I" (CD/EP) - February 2006
Label compilation featuring 2 songs by The PACIFICS
Label: All Natural, Inc.

"Sunday's Chicken" (CD/LP) - May 2005
Label: All Natural Inc.

"The September First Project: Long Overdue" (CD) - 2002
Label: Propaganda Movement Ent.

"Especialty b/w Jabs" - (CDsingle/12")
Label: Propaganda Movement Ent.

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