The Pacifics

The Pacifics


Movies, Girls, The beach, more Girls, Surfing, and THE PACIFICS. These are all great things you can only find in the city of angels.

THE PACIFICS is a classy indie band from California. They play fun surf rock music that is easy to dance to and fun to rock out to.


The Pacifics, formally know at Broken English. Is an Indie Rock band from southern California. The Pacifics is the epitome of a underrated surf rock band. This band plays classy hip music to dance or rock out to. They have a classy feel with loud drums, uk melodies, and smooth bass riffs.

The band was formed out of the mundane spirit of highschool. "Some of us meet in spanish or english class, and we all shared the same style of music. So it made sense to start a band only to make music that we loved. Not to please anyone else, but just to have fun". Weather we are hiking up to the hollywood sign or riding our bikes downtown to get some street tacos. Our music is inspired by spending long days at the beach with our friends.


Under the name Broken English
The band was on the show "Totally Exposed" where they performed their original debut album.
-Taste of Red
-Call to arms
-West of the Block

3/17/2012 the band was on 99.3 KCLA-FM show "InDspotLight" they did a in dept interview with the band along with a debut premier or the song S Marks the Spot. KCLA still plays their songs with frequent request.

June 2012 The band changed their name to THE PACIFICS
with a new full length album that will be released mid July 2012.