The Pack Mules

The Pack Mules

 Seattle, Washington, USA

This band is a force to be reckoned with. Dynamic songs full of juicy riffs and heavy hitting rhythm come together with an intense stage presence to deliver what can only be described as "one helluva rock show." These boys are on to something good.


Blues-backed riff rock on top of groovy, funky rhythms. A little touch of Dixieland style. Melodic, far-reaching vocals. The Pack Mules can both rock with vivid lyrics provided by guitarist/vocalist Perry Mayer, and roll with tight, song-stealing beats from drummer Kyle Snell and bassist Brian Reece. The Pack Mules career began as a two piece consisting of Mayer and Snell, who released a self-titled EP in Summer 2010. In early 2011, the 5 string bass wielding Reece was added on to round out the low end of their already well developed sound, and the boys promptly booked their first major gig as a trio at Seattle's iconic venue, Chop Suey. The Pack Mules are planning an action-packed 2012, booking shows at venues with cheap cover, cranking out new recorded tracks that aren't produced beyond the point of live recreation, and making sure to move their listeners to a point of nearly spilling their beverage of choice.


The Pack Mules EP (2010)
Heavy Load (To be released February, 2012)

Set List

We are able to accommodate set times from 30 mins to over an hour depending on the booking. Additionally, we strive to make sure that each show The Pack Mules plays is a unique experience, making every performance a worthwhile venture regardless of how many times someone has seen us.