The Painted Desert

The Painted Desert

 Los Altos, California, USA

The Painted Desert is a reincarnation of San Francisco's "Buckeye," known for their award-winning film soundtrack contributions and live shows in the US and abroad. The guys have created a fresh new set of 12 richly emotive, pastoral alt-country songs and look forward to a 2010 release and tour.


The idea for The Painted Desert evolved over the last year or so as Scott and Tom realized the still untapped possibilities in the Buckeye material, not to mention the new material we'd come up with since (despite a geographical gap of 2000 miles or so).

Through technology, we've written new material and evolved what we think are the most emotionally rich Buckeye songs instep with our own growth as songwriters and performers (and hopefully, as humans too).

The new catalog is alt-country by category though it falls more toward the layered side of sonic texture than much of what we typically hear in the Americana musical universe. Our thing seems to be writing and producing music that feels somehow cinematic -- a soundtrack for our lives, or perhaps the lives of characters we know or dream about.


As Buckeye:
1998: "Buckeye"
2000: "Amigo and the Underbelly Blues" (EP)
2002: "Tully" (feature film soundtrack - 3 songs)
2002: "Jerome" (single)

As The Painted Desert:
early 2010: "The Painted Desert" (working title)