The Pajamas
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The Pajamas

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Folk Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Plugging Into The UT Scene"

I can see where someone could attempt to discredit them as a student band, but the shows they play, the things they’ve won—all bullshit aside-those are legitimate claims to success. This band makes a pretty good noise with what they’ve got. - The Daily Texan Weekender

"Classic Sound, Youthful Energy"

Great things happen when a group takes their inspiration from music that has survived a decades-long time test and then musters their own original flavor and sound. "Hollywood Blues" is a brilliant portrait of the adage 'money can't buy happiness' and "Round Here" features a tragic violin that may just steal the limelight from the already heartbreaking lyrics upon first listen. The rest of the album is just as inspired - "The Catcher" is an engaging song, perhaps from the point of view of Salinger's Holden Caulfield, "The Wish Song" is pure fun, and "A Song To Remember Me By" is one track that everyone wishes was about them. - iTunes


The Pajamas EP, Live! at KVRX, We Go.



The Pajamas melt faces. That's all there is to it. The high energy folk duo, composed of Peter Shults and Jonathan Chan, was formed after an impromptu introduction by mutual friends turned into a spontaneous, ten hour marathon of a jam session. Sensing the magic, The Pajamas embraced the Austin music scene with a style and attitude all their own. From funk infused bass riffs to Dixie Land fiddle, the boys are continuously molding a sound that is both unique, honest and fun.

At first glance, the pair may appear rather unassuming. However, what the band may lack in members, they make up for it in honesty, energy, and all around musicianship. At any given show, you are likely to find choreographed dancing, spontaneous rapping, and the duo trading instruments like Pokémon cards – all in addition to well written songs. But most importantly, there is something in this music that speaks to people. The Pajamas themselves don’t quite understand it at times, but when the lights go down and the curtain comes up, the feeling can be just as much like a sing-a-long with a crowd of your closest friends as it is a concert.

And whatever it is, people continue to respond positively. In their young career, The Pajamas have already played the Texas Revue showcase twice, an event that features two sold out shows to crowds upwards of 3000. Two years ago, they walked away from the competition with the title of Best Overall, and an enormous Publisher’s Clearing House style check. They have also won the Kerrville Folk Festival’s University Songwriter competition. In addition to a long time residency at Waterloo Ice House, The Pajamas have headlined shows at Stubb’s, Momo’s, and a number of other prominent Austin clubs.

With their third independent release, and debut studio album, "We Go.", The Pajamas are showing a promising maturity with songs of solid craftsmanship. At times whimsical, political, or romantic, all of these songs show an innately human quality – earnest, exuberant, even flawed, and beautiful for it.

Somewhere tonight, if you listen closely, you can hear a sound. Not a sound enormous in volume or instrumentation, but a sound enormous in quality and spirit. Somewhere you will hear the stomp of feet and the chorus of a people brought together by the beauty in every day life, echoing along the trail of floating harmonies and sweet melodies. And somewhere, at the center of all that, that is where you will find two troubadours with hearts in hand, fondly known as The Pajamas.