the Pale Moon Lights

the Pale Moon Lights

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Pale Moon Lights darken the bright corridors; they carry stories of loss and other blue collar poetry. You hear them when your glass is placed into the earth and your ears on the glass. These 3 solemn voices tell of what they know through means of their music. Making sounds hard to describe.


Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood once described the most important quality of Canadian culture: grim survival. Our physical and social environment is raw and difficult. That rawness is our muse. We craft our songs around pain, loss, death and survival. Emotions are poured into melodies and our frustrations are pounded into rhythms. Guitar patterns mark the stars in the sky, and the bass forms the dirt that kicks up into our faces. In a short time, the band has built a raw, unique sound that warms as much as it saddens, and tells of the stories that lie within us, as they once laid within our ancestors.

The Pale Moon Lights was started by Kris Glabush, who was writing songs for several years inspired by experience and stories. The death of his grandfather brought him a new perspective on life and his history, and provided a backdrop for much of his writing.

Idris Fashan eschews his percussion background for something different. He looks elsewhere in his drumming, leaning away from a technical approach. Instead, he reaches for "naive drumming" styles to give a spirit and heartbeat that is both tangible and tasteful..

Patrick Michalak comes to PML with a new spirit. After moving from Detroit to marry a dame from Edmonton, Patrick was asked to play with us and fell in as though he'd always been there. He's come from a very musical background which includes a long winded stint in the band the Silent Years. He's also a recording engineer with a heavy resume of experience.

Some of our influences include:

Bob Dylan
Beach Boys

American Music Club
Robert Wyatt
Lou Reed
Nick Drake
Neutral Milk Hotel


Pale Moon Lights S/T EP

...Upcoming LP 2011