The Pale Pacific

The Pale Pacific



Orcas Island - just off the coast of Seattle. Holed up in a rented house during the fall of 2004,
The Pale Pacific focused on recording an entirely new set of material to an analog 8-track tape machine and had the ability to do so without outside distractions — no mail, no cell phone reception and no Internet connection. During their three-week stay, they managed to record 15 songs, some of which ended up on the Rules Are Predictable EP. The rest of the session’s cuts were sequenced and placed on the band’s fourth full-length, Urgency. The resulting recordings are raw, uninhibited and offer The Pale Pacific at their most intimate. The band left environmental sounds in — cars driving by, airplanes flying overhead, a dryer or washer that’s left on — which makes the recordings of Urgency that much more honest, at least on a sonic level.
With Urgency’s tracking finalized, The Pale Pacific enlisted Death Cab For Cutie’s
Chris Walla to mix selected tracks for the album. And if the artwork appears familiar, that’s because The Pale Pacific’s latest features the creative visuals of Grammy award nominated artist Jesse LeDoux (whose work includes album covers for Elliott Smith, Hot Hot Heat and The Shins).


"Gravity Gets Things Done" (LP 2004 Sidecho Records)
"Rules Are Predictable" (EP 2005 Sidecho Records)
"Urgency" (LP to be Released 2005 Sidecho Records)