The Palmer Girls

The Palmer Girls


Meet five sisters with haunting blood harmony from Newfoundland. Minstrals all under the age of 19 years; multi-instrumentalists on the road to folk music valhalla. Kaliyan, Cassy, Joesie, Thea and Shaelin are The Palmer Girls.


Creative forces are at work and if you are doubtful today’s cookie cutter music industry has an ounce of reality left; meet The Palmer Girls. Not easily duplicated and impossible to manufacture; five sisters with haunting blood harmony from the most easterly point in North America.

Destiny and nothing else created The Palmer Girls.

Five teenagers from Newfoundland, Canada are the real deal. Between them they play over ten different folk and traditional instruments; each sister playing three to four and sometimes switching mid-song. Five voices echo one story; it’s dizzying. They sing, they chime and transport you effortlessly through the folk history of Atlantic Canada with the purest of voices.

Shaelin (11 years), Thea (14 years), Joesie (15 years), Cassie (17 years) and Kaliyan (18 years) can’t remember a time before pillows weren’t used to prop up tiny arms on the kitchen table supporting fiddles and bows. Music was an integral part of family life and parents Ted and Susie Palmer played guitar, fiddle and step-danced for their growing brood; not suspecting what the siblings would do with this homegrown tradition.

Never short on lip gloss or the type of teasing that comes with a mischievous sibling dynamic; they are also not short on experience. Over the past few years they’ve entertained thousands including a visit to Qatar for an audience with Queen Sheikah Moza in 2005. They’ve showcased for the prestigious Contact East in Prince Edward Island and have performed at The St. John’s Folk Festival for the last four years.

Spring 2006 will sprout their sophomore release; yes they already have one project receiving airplay across the province and other folk radio stations. The new disc will be produced by Great Big Sea founding member Bob Hallett; a multi-instrumentalist himself.

Growing and coming into their own, leads them closer to the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and England. Once, these three nations brought music to the ragged shores of Newfoundland. The Palmer Girls carry the tradition well and continue to delight audiences with their mesmerizing renditions of music and mystery.


Sisters - released 2004
Distributed through Landwash Distribution (FACTOR recognized)

Set List

Song for Ireland
Gypsy Rover
Reel a Bouche
Westcountry Lady
The Fox
General Taylor
Mary Ellen Carter
Sail On
Wayfairing Stranger
Saltwater Joys
William and Davey
Misty Moisty Morning