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The Panache Orchestra

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFM

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFM
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"Review of Concert Appearance"

The PANACHE ORCHESTRA -- violinist Brenda K and guitarist Chi Saito -- proved the perfect compliment to the vocal ensemble of Women on the Move (WoM). Each of their instrumental pieces was like a virtual musical tour of a new sonic landscape and musical genre. Rather than simply trying to express or duplicate a genre (jazz, blues, Latin, and more) they artfully used the elements of that genre as a departure point. Brenda created looping and soaring melodies supported by Chi's strummed and arpeggiated guitar harmonies and subtle but precise grooves. The result was hypnotic instrumental music, simultaneously fresh and familiar. that earned them enthusiastic and spontaneous applause after each musical journey returned them to the stage and the audience gently back to the room.
- Sabrina and Craig/Promoter

"Quote about TPO performance at Red Carpet Art Event"

"You guys were incredible!! Your music was all people could talk about!"


"Outstanding performance. Yesterday was a great success, and you two made and set the stage for Chinatown. Thank you two so much for the hard work and dedication to make this such a successful event. We will definitely keep in touch. The crowd loved you two!"
- Carmin Wong, Producer

"Track Critiques"

1. Pegasus: Great playing on this track! All the progressions and lead lines of this rock/jazz fusion piece are excellent. High energy and complex unison lines are fun to listen to and display excellent musicianship.

2. What Happened?: Very cool, well recorded track with excellent playing!

3. T’z Blues: Strong, interesting and calm track that is very well played – the violin tone is really impressive!


Thank you so much for submitting your cd by Panache Orchestra of guitar music. I truly enjoyed it and have added the selection to the GotRadio library. Our Guitar Genius program director will be reviewing them this week for inclusion in our show.

Happy Holidays

Val Starr, President

GotRadio, LLC
- Val Starr, President,


"10 Strings" The Panache Orchestra, 2008, Los Angeles, CA

"Neo" The Panache Orchestra (aka "theXiles" and "Brenda & Me"), 1999, Tokyo, Japan

Various titles as side players for other artists



The Panache Orchestra ( is an exceptionally versatile international ensemble that got started in Tokyo, Japan in mid 1998 not long after Brenda K (classically trained violinist) decided to go into voluntary exile there for a year or so with the intention of getting out of music. Shortly thereafter, she and Chi "Mr. Groove" Saito, another career musician who had also just quit playing professionally (purebred rock player with extensive study of the great music of the world) met by a freak accident in a landmark sushi bar in the Azabu district (Tokyo) owned by a close friend of his. It was love at first sight, so they promptly began working together, cut an EP and debuted at Club Cay, a major Tokyo venue in the Aoyama district under the title "Brenda and Me" in 1998. This led to subsequent appearances at prominent festivals and venues.

After various reconfigurations, relocations and name changes, they presently make their home in Los Angeles, CA and perform principally as an acoustic violin/guitar duo featuring accomplished professional multi-instrumentalists Chi Saito of Tokyo, Japan (guitar - see individual bio below) and Brenda K of San Diego, CA (violin - see individual bio below), but can alternately perform as a full band, expanding their line-up with first rate players from amongst the musicians they have had the privilege of working with since their stateside debut.

They have enjoyed an unusually warm welcome to the ultra-competitive environment of Southern California/Los Angeles since their official US launch in 2008, being enthusiastically received at fine arts events and major regional music festivals, as well as club dates and house concerts. Their high quality, cross-genre original music consistently wins over audiences, promoters and other musicians at such diverse events as celebrity fund raising galas, artist receptions and shows at internationally renowned galleries, school performances and informal house concerts; and they are equally at home performing in festivals highlighting such diverse musical idioms as world music, folk, blues, Americana and roots/rock. It is worth noting that The Panache Orchestra was the first ever Japanese-led ensemble to be presented at the Adams Avenue Roots and Folk Festival in San Diego, CA in April 2009.

At the end of 2008, The Panache Orchestra recorded and released a double album titled "10 Strings" featuring their all-original instrumental repertoire, stripped down to its bare essence of the natural sound of the acoustic guitar and violin. This two-disc set is their first commercial release since the project was mothballed for nearly 10 years, and constitutes a quick pen-and-ink sketch of their extensive and wide-ranging repertoire, hinting at things to come. The title "10 Strings" refers to the album having been recorded in "live" format using only the acoustic guitar (six strings) and violin (four strings) with no overdubs. They are currently working on a follow-on project scheduled for release in early 2010 that will feature more elaborate arrangements and production of their music. The Panache Orchestra is firmly committed to creating high quality, truly original music the old school way: by writing according to their inspiration without trying to sound a certain way or copycatting other artists in order to sell records or become famous; and writing for the instruments that they can play competently instead of using machines to "manufacture" instrumental parts. They work hard and rehearse regularly so they can consistently deliver sharp, strong live performances and clean, precise one-take tracks in the studio without having to rely on the engineer "photoshopping" their work at the mixing board. In fact, they prefer not to use a click track or sound isolation when recording because they think it compromises the air-tight ensemble sound they have developed after many years of working together.

Their highly crafted instrumental repertoire spans a wide array musical genres reflecting Brenda K's Euro-American classical foundation and Chi's highly enriched rock 'n roll roots, meshing together in an eclectic blend of crossover classical/jazz sensibilities infused with pop/rock/blues/roots/ vernacular, with a number of pieces drawing their inspiration from Chi's Japanese heritage. It has often been suggested that their music is especially well-suited to healing/holistic health and wellness applications, and is just as appropriate for soundtrack material for various media as it is exciting to listen to in a concert setting.

Although their music rigorously defies being pigeon-holed in any market-friendly genre niche, and no one has ever been able to come up with any "sound-alikes", the broad consensus is that they have a truly original, distinctly transcontinental sound with universal appeal, having the refined elegance and discipline of a classical chamber ensemble but with the accessibility, current s