the Panda Resistance

the Panda Resistance

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Instrumental and experimental post-rock trio. The diverse live show features dreamlike soundscapes and unfiltered rock. The Panda Resistance creates evocative original music that draws inspiration from many great acts : Mogwai, Grizzly Bear, Ratatat, Explosions in the Sky, Tortoise and more.


The Panda Resistance is an instrumental trio from Tulsa, OK. Since 2009, this band has been determined to create and perform their own brand of original live music.

The band is known for putting on a memorable live show. The compositions, often nostalgic and fervent in flavor, drift in between danceable anthems, merciless post-rock ditties, and experimental love songs.

After much anticipation the Panda Resistance is happy to be releasing their second Album entitled "Oh,Helen!" in December 2011 with Horton Records.


Self Titled LP - the Panda Resistance - 12/18/09

"Oh, Helen!" - the Panda Resistance - 12/16/11 - Horton Records

Set List

All Originals:
An Honorable Death
Gopher the Golden
Lemonade all By Myself
Letting Go For Dear Life
Never Again
Combat Raccoons
These Are Our Days
Cup and Ocean
Oh Helen
Lightning Bug
Shed the Light
Animal Afterlife
When They Bloom
Gold Turns to Grey
The Apocalypse Has Been Cancelled
Monarchs to Mexico
Agnes and Myrtle
Good Wolf