The Panderers

The Panderers


Eclectic roots-rock with a head-nodding vibe. Sincere and honest fire that bangs. Well written hooks that draws you in right away. Diverse from song to song. Not a "one sound band".


Pete McNeal (Cake, Mike Doughty's Band, Jem, Breakestra) discovered roots-rock singer/songwriter Scott Wynn and set things in motion to form a band and record an album of Scott's demos that he had recorded himself. The vibe of the demos were gripping. Scott was highly influenced by bands such as Cake and Mike Doughty, so the vibe was something Pete could relate to. But this was brand new and fresh. Scott also took great influence from bands such as Alabama Three, Kings of Leon, Johny Cash and Electric Six, as well as gentler artists like Gillian Welch and Mason Jennings. Scott's roots came from deep eastern Kentucky coal counties, so throw in some solid roots music.

Andrew Livingston (Mike Doughty's Band) came onboard immediately upon hearing Scott's demos. John Kirby (Mike Doughty's Band) was into tracking keys on the project as were Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters, Wallflowers), Chris Joyner (Wallflowers, Semisonic) and Marshall Thompson (Mother Jones, The Mars Hall). Davey Chedwiggen (Breakestra) arrived on percussion.

The Panderers are different from anything you will hear because the whole vibe is aimed and making a diverse collection of brand new old songs. Different from song to song... not a "one-sound" band.

Simple, The Panderers keep it simple and direct, straight-firing and undercomplicated. Very pure, honest and rootsy.


Our debut 12 songs CD entitled "Songs that Bang" has been aired on many terrestrial stations throughout the US and Europe.

Set List

The Panderers predominantly play into the 12 songs on our debut "Songs that Bang" and may offer up 2 or 3 covers that are well selected and re-flavored in our unique style.