The Panic Jank

The Panic Jank

 Perm, Perm, RUS

The Big Drive and Emotions


THE PANIC JANK is a Russian hardcore/metalcore band from Perm. Formed in 2012.


Time is running out

Written By: The Panic Jank

Time is running out

never tended to save the days lost
always remained with the key role forgotten

only succumbed to the burst of emotions
made itself await for the happiness

the end is coming closer to you right now! it's you turn

be never gone

you'll never fade

you feel like odd
feel you're drowning again

only waiting for the day
only waiting for the way

go ahead! find yourself!

it's time to move on
it's time for "never wait"!

you now realize
and remember those numerous fails
i swear you'll never forgive yourself
time is running out! time's becoming the judge!

it won't
spare you

so just
the one you've dreamed

Still be aware of your worth!
never trust these words:
You can't! You won't! you're not that smart!
You'll never win!
You'll never win!
You'll only lose!

so just become the one you've dreamed of!

I'll never fade
I'll never fade
I'll never wait!
I'll never wait!
Time is running out X2
I'm On my way... again


Time is running out (Single 2012)